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Seeing deceased father

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Seeing deceased father

Postby dreamer58117 on June 9th, 2021, 6:24 pm

Dream: My dream started with me being in an airport with my family. I knew my family was there, but I can't recollect seeing them in my dream.
I remember it being chaotic and loud. Then, as I was walking through the airport, I remember seeing my dad in the crowd of people, and everything became quiet; the people started to blur out.
I could see his smile and the vibrant aura that surrounded him. I ran to him and hugged him and wondered where he had been and I didn't think I'd see him again. He explained to me that he was gone somewhere and the details I couldn't recall, and when we were about to continue with what we were doing as a family, I woke up.

Significant Life Events: I constantly think about my father. He was my best friend; my mother was in college and working closely, so she was hardly influenced in my childhood. So when I'm stressed, sad, or worried, I would turn to him as I don't receive that feeling of comfort from my mother.

I have frustrations with my mother because she has moved on with her love life.

Background: I am currently 18. I lost my father in
March of 2020. I, unfortunately, was the first to find my father deceased in our family home. The death was from a heart attack in his sleep. I am an only child, so now it is just my mother an I. My parents were married for 10 years

Mental Illness Or Depression: My father had chronic anxiety

Location: United States, Az, Kingman

Feelings About People: My relationship with my dad was amazing; we were close and so similar in personalities. My relationship with my family is very rocky. Since his passing, my family has changed and morphed into people I don't remember. My dad's mom and I have grown closer. My mother's mom had no feelings or sympathy for his passing and showed no remorse. My relationship with my father's dad is nonexistent. He has lost his way and life and has become so consumed with his death he has nothing left. He talked all the energy out of me, and I'm not in the place to have him in my life

Relationship Status: dating

When And How Often: I can not remember when I had this dream, but I have had it many times before, always in different situations, but I see my dad the same way.
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