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dreambible.com • View topic - dream about stealth training.

dream about stealth training.

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dream about stealth training.

Postby dreamer58115 on June 7th, 2021, 8:34 am

Dream: i actually dreamed that we were playing dead by daylight in real life. this is a game where there are four survivors & one killer. i was being super stealthy. me & another guy. we were in another city. somewhere in north carolina. i remember thinking we were in charolette. we were being stealthy around this estate. i guess we knew it was a game, it didn't scare us. the killer was a beginner, so after hiding & sneaking for a while, we kinda just walked off the map, quitting the game. my hiding places consisted of a bedroom & a staircase. the killer had the same look as the character 'scream' that's in the game. the crouching, the black hood, the mask. the knife. the building was about a three story, vertical building. had no doors, really. the outside walls were white. the floors on the stairs & such were a cherry hardwood color. i remember specifically hiding in the bedroom, on the top floor. the bed's comforter was black. there was carpet in the room because i was laying on the floor. i just hid on the other side of it. i remember hearingan approaching noise, & figuring it was the killer, but nobody ever came through the door. i remember looking out of the window, seeing the killer on his way towards my building. & so i jumped out of the room, off of the top floor to the first floor. i took no fall damage when landing on the grass. it was a very beautiful estate, though. it was sunny outside. maybe around 4pm evening time ? i wasn't scared at all. it was almost like a strategic training course. i knew i wouldn't be caught or killed.
when the other guy & i realized that the killer could never find us, we walked out of the map's boundaries, abandoning the course. we walked in the direction of the sun. & we ended up in like, downtown charlotte. there were people everywhere. i met up with a girl i used to work my first job with. jami. light skinned girl with dreads. i asked her what was going on, she was sitting on a bench. most likely wearing a green shirt. she kinda shrugged. i remember her smiling a lot. i looked to my right to see another friend of mine, dales, sitting behind either a table or a drumset in front of a storefront. he was wrapped in muslim-like garments. it was a soft gray color. & he was preaching some sort of message. i couldn't hear it.
that's all i can remember.

Significant Life Events: quitting my job to pursue a career, getting out of a relationship with someone i never wanted to be in one with, possibly pursuing a relationship with a high school friend of mine, & elevating my creativity, finances, & spirituality.

Background: i am a black female that is 21 years of age, & i work as security in a grocery store to protect merchandise.

Mental Illness Or Depression: yes. i've not been diagnosed, but i can assure you, i've been depressed since age 13.

Location: anderson, south carolina, united stated of america.

Feelings About People: the guy i was being stealthy with, i have no clue who that is. it was a gay guy. i remember that.
jami, i have not seen her in about five years. she was cool. she thought i was cool, too.
dales, we've been friends ever since middle school. we see each other often. & he's cool, too.

Relationship Status: i am single.

When And How Often: this happened in the early morning hours of june 7th, 2021. this is the first time i have had this dream.
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