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fish in mattress

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fish in mattress

Postby dreamer58113 on June 6th, 2021, 7:36 am

Dream: A bigger Black drum fish (I think) (It had long thick stripes like a zebra)was swimming inside my 12 year old sons mattress.My 17 year old son ripped the mattress open and killed it with a spear and then he cooked it and ate it and had me try some it wasnt good.My 12 year old son was upset because he liked the fish in his bed.Then the 12 year old was upset because now his mattress has poked holes in it from the fishes fins.

Significant Life Events: My eldest son just graduated high school,worried about him not having a plan.

Background: female 37 homemaker

Mental Illness Or Depression: nope

Location: Florida

Feelings About People: love them dearly

Relationship Status: married

When And How Often: no
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