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dreambible.com • View topic - Seeing stars, the moon and the sun at the same time. And wor

Seeing stars, the moon and the sun at the same time. And wor

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Seeing stars, the moon and the sun at the same time. And wor

Postby dreamer58112 on June 5th, 2021, 11:32 am

Dream: 09 September 2019 i had this dream. The sky was blue then i saw the moon as white as unusual, in the dream i was with someone who then said to me 'look there is a hand writing on the moon but i can't read it' i gazed into the sky and i saw just a hand wrist writing with the finger on , i the moon, it was a very different language i have never seen, i then responded to this guy i have been talking to 'the words are saying

'now is the time to pray'

So during those days i started having constant vivid dreams that i believe to be spiritual, in these dreams a voice was talking to me saying

'Speak why are you afraid'

I started praying constantly until when i reached a certain season of my life full of emptiness, hopelessness due to some certain life circumstances in my family. I stopped praying completely... This is the dream i at least understand

Fast forward to the present

After having taken a sabbatical from constant prayers and downgraded myself to a nominal Christian, i started to have again constant dreams that have the same theme but different at the same time they look just the same

First scary and unusual dream


it was a clear sky in the dream again i saw the moon, the stars and the sun at the same time. The brightness of the sun didn't overshadow the brightness of the stars neither that of the moon. Still i could gaze at the sun without its rays distorting my vision. Behold dark clouds came with a heavy wind and thunder coming from the south and a voice told me that 'because of increase in sinning in this world a great problem is coming'



This time around i saw the galaxy, the moon and the sun at the same time, but the most fascinating thing is all the stars were each written its own name. It was like every star had its own name and they were all spaced like a geographical map. It was so beautiful and i didn't want to miss any of it, i tried to get at least one word so i woke up rubbing myself because i was trying to write the word on my hand while i was gazing the sky. This time i did not understand the meaning of any word.


This is another dream. I was sleeping by my back gazing into the sky, the same dream came again seeing as always all these components of the day and night at the same time. It was neither day nor was it a night. It was a beautiful experience but in a shortest time big white clouds like nimbus clouds gathered throughout the sky BUT that didn't impaired my vision, still i could see all the stars and the moon clearly. The power of the clouds couldn't overshadow the light of the stars and the moon. In the shortest time the clouds started to rain, now the clouds deformed into smallest sizes like small feathers of a bird and started to rain. Get me correct, it was the clouds raining falling like snow. I the started intercepting some of these clouds with my hands. In the shortest of time pure rain begun and i took shelter.


This is another dream, in this particular one i was walking from work with my workmates going home. We were in town and i then saw the stars, the sun during the day. But because i was with other people, i signalled them to see what i was seeing but they couldn't see anything. In the dream i was now terrified so i closed my eyes because i didn't want to see this anymore, i thought i was going mad because my conscience were telling me that it's impossible to see the sun and the stars at the same time. I tried to run away with my eyes closed then my friends held me tight then i woke up.


02 JUNE 21

In the morning, i was sleeping on my bed by my back gazing in the sky. I knew i was asleep but it was a very little sleep because i was very much conscious. Gazing in the sky i saw the sky written words. The words were so bright like stars but this time around i was reminded of all the other dreams so i wasn't terrified rather i was determined to know who the hell is writing me these messages in my other dreams. I looked into the sky and the words were changing but one thing for sure is the author of the words was the same. It was again a foreign language but still my determination was not to understand the words anymore but to see who is writing them. So i closed my eyes. But the fascinating thing is the very moment i closed my eyes i started to see even more clearer. It was like i have some sort of secret eyes or something. I then submitted my self like 'even if it means dying i will die on this bad as long i see who is writing these words'

I then was taken from my bad like i suspended in the air and i was taken by wind and travelled miles and miles suspending in the sky, while i was looking at the writtings, my main focus was to see the person behind them. Then i woke up


Within these two months this dream had happened more than 5 times. I don't understand why seeing the night and day at the same time

Significant Life Events: Very moderate, no fears but only a bit concerned about this constant recurring dream.

Background: I am a young black man aged 25, employed, i am single and a Christian.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Feelings About People: N/A

Relationship Status: Single and happy

When And How Often: Very recurring and now at an average of every 2 weeks.
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