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driving in mountains

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driving in mountains

Postby dreamer58110 on June 3rd, 2021, 11:20 am

Dream: I was with my friend was a docotor but in really life he was not.we took a short cut driving through slop road which was deep in the mountains. someone from nowhere held me on my back of my neck while the car was drivingI pulled him from the back of my neck and put him on the ground. I saw myself being at the medical university.there were 3 men in white coats and 2 women looking at us.my friend gave injection to the man who was holding my neck.
He was calm.I told the 3 men and 2 weman not to came where I was and not to say anything because the man who held my neck was crazy.Where I was standing , there was me, my friend and 1 person.after I did not see my friend again so I starting walking to their home with my friends bagat 4.30 am.I went in their house and there was nobody in side the house and it was messy, things on the floor.I washed my face arms and legs and went to sleep. Then I saw something through the glass, I feared. I had to put the light off. then I saw 3 men selling something outside the house.I asked them what there were doing,they told me there are always there and the asked who I was? Then after few minutes 3 kids came in with a knife,bar, and a nail to figt me I over powered them.then they kids showed me their mother sleep in the other room. the kids then accussed of taking their birthday. I asked them i was going to buy them another one then I wake up.in the story both my friend and the wife are deased.

Significant Life Events: Thoughts of my job. fears of losing my Job

Background: iam 58 years, female and I work as LPN.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: I live in calgary AB canada

Feelings About People: They were family friends, good friends but they both are deased

Relationship Status: happily married

When And How Often: this morning June 3.
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