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Satanic witch

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Satanic witch

Postby dreamer58109 on June 1st, 2021, 9:56 am

Dream: My mom and stepdad were sitting on the beach while we were swimming. I closed my eyes for a second but realized I was far from shore when I opened them again.
I started swimming back when something grabbed hold of my leg. I struggled to pull it off, and when I managed to grab and pull it off, I realized it was the corpse of my stepsister's grandmother.

I pulled her body up and then suddenly was back on the beach again where I pulled her body out of the water.

Significant Life Events: My stepsister's Gran,mom and uncle are all Satanists who practice witchcraft. My stepsister has been trying her best to make life miserable as she wants her mom and to be a witch.
Apparently curses have been put on us according to my sister

Background: European female, 14yrs old, schooling

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Swartberg, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Feelings About People: Don't have any relationship with them, only met them once or twice

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Last night, early morning hours
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