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Two Men

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Two Men

Postby dreamer58105 on May 25th, 2021, 1:22 am

Dream: In prayer I asked God to speak to me, as He has done before and I missed hearing from Him so I know this dream has instruction or warning for me. I have prayed for a Joseph to come across my path.

I had this dream a week ago:

The dream is in 3 parts. In all 3 parts there is an older man and a young man. I am not able to make out their faces in any of the parts, but I know they are the same men in all 3 parts. I am observing what's happening in all 3 and not part of what is happening.

In the first part the 2 men are dressed with multiple pieces of clothing of different colours on, so much so that they look funny.

I know in the dream that they are thieves and robbers. They are busy climbing into a car when a policeman stops them and says 'is that your vehicle'? The older man responds and says 'which one'? At this point I notice a motorbike further up the street and know that they are referencing this bike.

The policeman then starts to laugh at how they are dressed and the young man comments 'I am so glad that you are laughing, because we are going to a dress up party' (meaning that the costumes they are wearing are doing what they are meant to be doing). The policeman then responds to say 'you can leave, just drive carefully'.

The dream then changes to the second part. The 2 men are standing on the field of a soccer stadium in the position where cheerleaders would stand waiting for the team to run out onto the field for the match. The stadium is packed to capacity with fans and I clearly note that the 2 men in this part of the dream are Mexican, but yet somehow still the same two men.

The 2 men are juggling to each other with bowling pins. The soccer team runs out onto the field and they are children. They run and jump through the bowling pins being thrown and the 2 men adjust the speed of how they throw, so as not to hit any of the children. The 3rd last child hesitates and stops and in doing so stops the last 2 children from getting across as well.

The dream then changes to the third part. I clearly note that the 2 men are Chinese now and the older man has what seems to be multiple swords in each hand that are long and shaped like needles, but I clearly note that they are swords and he is also blindfolded. The swords are slightly separated from each other and I understand that he is going to throw them at the younger man in order to form the outline of his body, just missing him.

Then suddenly the older man is holding two hammers, one in each hand. The handles are very long and the hammer head is rounded on both sides where it would be hit. There is a big cardboard box in front of him that resembles a game I used to play when I was younger (will add a photo), but this one has multiple pieces of wood layers with the top piece having holes cut into it that are different sizes in diameter.

The older man moves the hammer head along the surface in a specific direction and each whole that the hammer dips into as it moves across the board forms a pattern in his mind that will allow him to know how to throw the swords so that he doesn't hurt or kill the younger man. As the hammers reach the end of the board there are 3 pillars and there is something standing on the top of the middle pillar, but I can't make out what it is. The older man hits this item and squishes it flat. Then he turns to the younger man and says 'I owe you 900'. I think he meant currency, but not sure.

I then get woken up by a loud bang, which I find out was a bible that had fallen off the bed.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and it would be really appreciated if you could help with an interpretation.

Significant Life Events: I have been quite joyful, but have days of feeling failure and sometimes rejection. My relationship with God is great, but I don't think there is every a point that I wouldn't want it to be better or closer.

I have been feeling frustrated at times with financial situation. Trusting God for breakthrough as my son and I (single dad) have been staying with my mother and step father for the last 5 years after a horrific divorce.

Background: My name is Graeme and I am a 39 year old Caucasian male. Currently I am unemployed and working hard at starting a business.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No history of mental illness and do not have depression.

Location: I live in Cape Town, South Africa

Feelings About People: I don't know who the men are in the dream. It's like I was looking in on what was going on.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: The dream occurred a week ago and no it is not recurring.
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