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My son

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My son

Postby dreamer58100 on May 21st, 2021, 6:16 pm

Dream: Dream involved our eldest son Casey, spirit filled, called to the nation. He is preparing along with my husband to go on a ministry group into Tanzania in July. He is one of the leaders but not the pastor. The dream.

I saw a small crowd gathering in a wide hallway. It was off of a larger room and it felt like a church bit I had never been there before. People were facing one way and I stood towards the back sorta middle way on the outside watching. All at once there was a trio of men, all alike in dress, nothing out of the ordinary, hair and build. Hair was black and straight, skin was dark like mideastern, India, Mexican, who opened their mouths in unison, and a loud unearthly sound, like a roar, came forth. It lasted a few seconds, they ended and walked out of the group. I walked to the front and my son, Casey was standing there, facing the crowd. He had a Bible in his right hand dressed in dressy casual with shirt and tie. Shirt was tucked in. The only odd thing was that he was heavy. His face was more round and since his shirt was tucked in I could see he had a belly. Maybe 50 lbs heavier than he is in real life. People were asking what was that sound? What is going on? Casey said, 'All I said was this' he then proceeded to repeat what he had said but it was in tongues. It was short. Immediately an unknown voice said this is the interpretation. 'You can not go to the mission field if your lights are turned off!' immediately a song began to be sung by all the people, it was Luke 4;18-19 The Spirit of the Sovereign God is upon me for He has anointed me to preach the good news. Dream ended

Significant Life Events: General life. Work.
No fears or worries
No relationship issues
Great life
Great business

Background: Self employed salon owner. Mother of 3. Wife of 35 years. Spirt filled Christian. White, American 56 years old female.

Mental Illness Or Depression: None

Location: United States lancaster ohio

Feelings About People: Did not recognize the group of people nor the 3 men that shouted the sound. I only knew my son. My current relationship with him is wonderful, we have never had a problem. He was moved 1 year ago back to Ohio to join his friends church to be a part of this global mission group. When I say he was moved, God spoke to him and his wife and through various signs and wonders were guided back home after 5 years of living in Seattle, Wa.To be a part of another missionary's work.

Relationship Status: I have been Married to my husband for 35 years

When And How Often: I had this dream the morning of May 15th, 2021. This is not a recurring dream but I often hear God speak in dreams.
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