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Postby dreamer58089 on May 12th, 2021, 12:54 am

Dream: Okay I saw my mom driving a car which I was surprised because she didn't know how to drive a car oh she was acting really younger that she was She was driving an old woman... which she is working for and I went home and told my sister that mom is driving a car and she said that's her new job I also saw myself teaching a class children class and when we closed the parents came I was trying to rush them to finish be quick kids ur parents are here .....I also saw . myself eating groundnut

The car is a Jeep car ...on the road my sister myself..

Significant Life Events: How to get this bad dreams away from me .... dreaming about eating drinking always teaching

Yes I experienced allot of fear frustration and relationship problem

Background: 21 years old am a female and am a teacher

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes suffer from depression

Location: Nigeria... Delta State warri

Feelings About People: My mom not so good relationship
My sister good relationship

Relationship Status: Am dating

When And How Often: Today a part of it keep reoccurring
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