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dreambible.com • View topic - Death of boyfriend and ex crying to get back with him

Death of boyfriend and ex crying to get back with him

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Death of boyfriend and ex crying to get back with him

Postby dreamer58088 on May 11th, 2021, 11:29 pm

Dream: So I am at my house I get a call saying my bf died and I'm shook then my ex calls me out to meet I go out we keep changing locations to talk somewhat in a corner 3 places in total one of it has come in my dream before but haven't visited some society turquoise blue in color. So I tell the ex that I have people I know here let's go somewhere else.
So then he takes out a replica of my ring I used to wear which my boyfriend got he put a fake gold color ring that looked the same in his finger against the wall and asks me do u remember this?
I said yes and I was about to talk to him about him as he raises his hands and it felt like he was going to slap me so I stop and say that's why I am never sharing anything with you you were gonna slap me. He says no I was gonna kiss you. But it didn't feel right so I began to move away and walk off the other side. He follows and tells me to takes me to another location where I see one of my friend sitting but she doesn't see me but he sees her and turns away his bike saying is she ur friend someone u know so he turns away to another location and there he cries and asks me to be with him again. And I say no I won't ever be. You don't know what I am dealing with right now. He still keeps convincing and I again walk away he then blackmails me that I will rob this mart if you don't tell me about the ring or my current bf he then goes inside a mart and suts near a computer then I turn back and ehad inside call his name and he comes out and asks again. But I don't tell him anything and that situation ends I am at home again and it looked like I cried and mums friend she asks me if I cried and what happened I said nothing and make up an excuse. And then I work and try to distract my mind against mourning for my bf then at the end of the end I cry and try to call him to confirm and see a different display picture on WhatsApp I can't clearly see but can figure out two people with white and pink color background and I call him and it goes on calling only. And I again cry and the dream ends

Significant Life Events: During the dream I felt sad and frustrated
In real life no such bad feeling about relationship. A little work stress that's all and with the covid killing many, a little fear

Background: Age 26, female, indian currently a instructional designer

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: India, Maharashtra, mumbai

Feelings About People: So my ex I stopped talking to him way back more than 3 years ago he did something really bad to me and I quit it it wasn't like a commitment like a friends with benefits thing and I used to ask him to reconsider coz I never really like that but he used to be very platonic and he tried to call me to apologize but I really dint want to have any contact with him so I blocked him and he doesn't know about my bf yet but I think he must be knowing and my friend and I talk normally. And mums friend we don't have any contact she was my friend's mum also so met her in my childhood mostly teen years a

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: Today itself first time
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