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dreambible.com • View topic - Love and hurt/jealousy because of me

Love and hurt/jealousy because of me

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Love and hurt/jealousy because of me

Postby dreamer58083 on May 7th, 2021, 7:51 am

Dream: I dreamt I was being carried in a straddle hug position by my boyfriend. I was carried with love, but no words were said. Even though it felt like it was just us a lot of people walked past because we were at school. All of a sudden my best buy friend walks past with a friend and he sees me, we made eye contact and I hear him say, 'I was so stupid' and he looked beyond hurt. The next thing I know, I'm in the school office and I see a plaque made by my guy friend that basically said,he didn't see the point in still being here because he couldn't be with me specifically and up under he said, 'when I die I'm going to be a willow tree', which is ironic because I told this guy friend of mine in real life that that's what I wanted to happen to me when I died, then it seemed from that point on,I was going to tell my cousin what happened,but everything was blamed on me and everything kind of turned chaotic because my boyfriend's bro got hurt physically and everyone was trying to help him, I never got to talk to my boyfriend, cousin, or guy friend.And that's all I remember.

Significant Life Events: Plans for future, getting work done, My painful past, everything in the present, My boyfriend, and my friends, trying to live life the best I can. I am currently feeling frustrated because my boyfriend won't open up to me about how he feels and he doesn't believe I truly love him, which I do and I feel because of that, he's becoming more jealous and distant, but I love him and I'm not leaving him.

Background: My name is marie, I currently am unemployed, I am a high school freshman, I'm a 15 year old African American/Hispanic female

Mental Illness Or Depression: I suffer from depression

Location: I love in North Carolina

Feelings About People: I felt the love and passion between me and my boyfriend, My current relationship with him,we love each other, but for the most part, we could be doing better, we're working on it though, but he seems distant and off. I have a close relationship with my cousin, I tell her everything, I've known her the longest.As for my guy friend, I've known him longer than my boyfriend and we have a strong bond, but we're only friends, but lately he's been acting like he wants me even though he knows I have a boyfriend, but he had a chance to be with me when I wanted him and before O got a boyfriend the said he didn't want a relationship, so we're stuck as friends and I'm frustrated at him for waiting until I got a boyfriend to start acting like he wants me.

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: Just last night
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