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I was called HIGH COUNCIL and WISE MAN

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I was called HIGH COUNCIL and WISE MAN

Postby dreamer58077 on April 29th, 2021, 5:14 am

Dream: I was sitting in my Office at the legal firm I am interning at, and my boss came in. To my surprise, he addressed me as HIGH COUNCIL, and asked me if I had finished the invoices he assigned me. I told him I did. He then gave me another assignment. Since I did not know how to draft the document he requested of me, I asked him, and my colleague relayed to me what it was. Then I found myself in a house, it was dark but not completely. A girl stood next to me, I do not know her. She told me that if I am able to notice the entrance made for the cats, then I truly am extremely intelligent. I looked for the entrance and noticed the main entrance door had been redesigned, it then dawned on me and I looked down and there on the bottom part of the door was the cat entrance. I found it. I told her and she acknowledged my wisdom because it did not take me that long as others to complete the task. I then found myself in a car with someone I have just come to recently at the office, a man, he was driving the car, a toyota prado. He was in such a rush that he ran over a girl just standing at the road side and he did not seem to care at all. I was about to stop him... I woke up.

Significant Life Events: Who am I? What is my purpose for being here? What will happen between me and my Best friend when i transfer to another University?

Background: I am currently 18 years of age (male), born on 12 July 2002. I am Malawian, and currently studying law in India. As of today I am interning at a legal firm and planning on transferring to another University. My bestfriend whom I love dearly plans to switch career focus from law to makeup artistry. I fear she may be headed for disappointment and regret. I have been question myself a lot lately: who am I?

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have had Disthymia for a long time which then developed into neurotic depression. I am better now.

Location: Blantyre, Malawi.

Feelings About People: I respect my boss, I am not decided on my colleague because I think he is trying his best to outshine my presence. I do not know the girl in the house but I felt a sense of calm, love, warmth and peace in my heart when she stood beside me. I do not trust the guy who was driving the car, he is an opportunist. I do not know the girl that was hit by the car I was in, but I felt close to her like I know her.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Last night.
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