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Fall under God's Power

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Fall under God's Power

Postby dreamer58072 on April 18th, 2021, 4:42 am

Dream: I was in the church taking up the pulpit but left in response to the alter call at the end of the church by a by another minister. As I walked towards I can sense heavy anointing of the holy spirit and at my back I heard people fell under the power of God. I Fall forward but floated towards the pulpit area and was still off the ground. My head was touching the back wall still floating and a male youth in the church attended to me but I rebuked him to just leave me alone under the power of God. This is extraordinary and Devine thing happened and I just wanted to cooperate.

I saw this dream after releasing an official vehicle which was with me while having my recreational leave. My boss called when other vehicles in the frontline broke down and unserviceable.I hand it over willingly .

Significant Life Events: I was deciding since, I have 3 projects to complete with in 10 months of my recreational leave. I fear I might not complete all these in time and would be called back to regular job again.

Background: I am inspector Kumaul Maba 55 years old and the Police station commander with RoyalPapua New Guinea Constabulary. I am Papua New Guinean.

Mental Illness Or Depression: None

Location: Iam in Madang,Madang Province, PNG

Feelings About People: Good relationship

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: March 2021 can not recalled date
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