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Bitten by a Rattlesnake

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Bitten by a Rattlesnake

Postby dreamer58069 on April 12th, 2021, 12:49 pm

Dream: So me, my mom, and my younger sister in some kind of pyramid. I was walking along a bridge and my sister started to fall, my mom didn't help her. The bridges started shift and open into a gap.

I am below the bridge and there is a gate, my sister is still hanging. At the bottom of the bridge beyond the gate is some kind of pit and soon we realize there are snakes in there as well. I start to run into the pit past the gate (I think I was trying to help my sister). At this time more people have joined me at the bottom of the bridge - in the dream I know who they are but I don't remember now who they are - I run towards the pit and at the top of the gate is a big red rattlesnake - I do not hear the rattle, I see it. I am trying to run away from it and when I see the snake and its rattle I am scared and hoping it doesn't bite me - I turn towards it trying to see where it is so I might avoid it and it slings its head towards me and back, biting me on the left hand.

I look down at my hand it is red you can the vein bulging. I try to suck the poison out but I am afraid of swallowing it. When I suck there is air not blood or poison even though I have sealed my mouth around the wound.

Then I am running out of a side door of an apartment building (that I don't live in in real life but do in the dream) and it opens directly to the lot of a hospital (UMASS Hospital near my house in real life). I run in - with a stack of books in hand - and tell them I've been bitten by a poisonous snake, expecting them to jump into action - but they tell me to take a seat in the waiting area. I wait at least an hour sitting and can feel myself starting to fade.

Then I am standing and I look down and realize I dropped many of the books so I start to run back to pick them all up. I recognize them - one (the one that did not fall) is Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church by Diane Langberg (I am currently reading this book in real life), another is Christian Cosmo: The sex talk you never had by Phylicia Masonhiemer, and the last - I remember seeing it on the brick laid lot the most clearly - is Love that Lasts by Alyssa and Jefferson Bethke. As I reach for this book knowing there are more books I dropped and picturing a book left in an elevator I look over and two men are running towards me with a hospital bed and a needle. They are calling me a flight risk and want to sedate me even though I try to explain that I dropped my books. Then a male security guard comes and tells the men to stop that I'm just trying to get my books and I'm fine I've just had a snake bite. As I start to walk towards him I fade out, falling to the ground.

I wake up and am being rushed in a hospital hallway, there is a man in scrubs upset that I was put in the waiting room so long and that I should have been helped sooner. There is a yellow bag of medicine hanging above me draining into the IV in my arm. My hand is still red. I tell him a rattlesnake bit me.

Then it is a few hours later. I am in a hospital bed and feeling much better. A man - who I know as a friend in this dream (but I don't remember him in real life) comes to visit me.

I try to leave the hospital and he tries to stop me I am running again and in front of the hospital and in the same place I fainted/fell earlier in the dream I fall again. I hear people around me asking how long it's been since I've had another round of IV medicine, it been 4 hours, a woman's voice said I should have been receiving it every 2 hours.

That is the last thing I remember before waking up.

Significant Life Events: My jobs, a past relationship, a new guy I am interested in but lives far away, possible moving/end of my lease decisions, summer trips. Boundaries and friendships. Marriage and pregnancy/children/starting a family. Writing a book.

Worry about the future. Fears about dating/marriage. Frustrations with my mom/family. Considering leaving one of my jobs.

Background: I am 25y old cisgender female. White. I work for a rape crisis center and as an ASL interpreter.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Depression is lifelong and anxiety and PTSD are newer within the last 5 years.

Location: USA

Feelings About People: My sister and I are very close and have a good relationship. Sometimes I feel like she can be a little flakey or makes bad decisions esp when it comes to our mom.

My mom and I are not in a good place rn, I don't trust her and am a bit angry with her.

The other people, I don't remember/recognize in real life but in the dream, I had feelings of friendship toward them.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: it occurred last night. This dream specifically is not recurring but it is the second time I've had a dream with snakes in it. The first dream they were all black snakes, not poisonous and the people around me seemed calm and friendly or on good terms with the snake. I run through the snakes - terrified - but they are not poisonous or attacking me. Then I leave through a door and there is a black snake but he can walk and is non-combative. Somehow I know he won't hurt me and I feel calm. Then I am standing in the doorway with it cracked open and the snake is standing next to me looking into the room calmly, I feel protected. I am looking at him and also in the room. started to relax and feel safer.
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