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My ex , swimming pools

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My ex , swimming pools

Postby dreamer58066 on April 8th, 2021, 2:45 pm

Dream: In my dream I was dating my ex but he was being very distant with me but i just ignored it and kept trying to be nice and talk to him. it didn’t really bother me as much as i knew it would in real life. We were hanging with some of his friends and a girl who id never seen before she was sitting next to him on his bed when i came over from the bathroom. When i sat down she said she wanted to go home and he offered to take her. I was kinda like oh? but then she said I could come too and I was really relieved when she said that and said yes ofc i’ll come, i just have to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom to get changed but it then turned into the public pool bathroom and it was completely open on one side so I walked to the front of the bathroom so nobody could see me and I saw all his friends jumping into another pool from an opening in the bathroom door. I think i was getting anxiety bc i was like oh no they already left without me. but i got changed and walked to the pool area that had a bunch of clean public pools. It was really bright outside and all the colors were really pretty and vivid but then we were in an indoor pool area and it was a bit more grey and monotone in there. my ex was wearing a bunch of gold chain link rings (he never wore a ring in his life) i complimented them and tried to talk to him but he just seemed really uninterested and kept trying to get away from me. There was a nail salon in the pool area where 3 of my old friends that were girls were getting their nails done. my ex walked over to them and started talking and laughing with them. I then decided to walk over there too to talk and see what was going on. The girls turned around and said “you hate us remember” and i replied “no i don’t hate you i hate those boys” (other old friends in the same group that i’m not friends with anymore) My ex walked away in one direction and i walked away in the other. Then another one of my ex’s friends came up to me and told me my ex was telling people i pooped in his pool. I was really confused and upset because I knew that i didn’t and he was lying for no reason and because I hadn’t even gotten into any pool yet. I looked around and saw a strange looking man with an afro sunglasses and a weird outfit on. i thought it was weird because I knew everyone at the pool and i didn’t recognize that person. after watching him for a few minutes I saw he was wearing the same rings my ex was wearing and I realized he had put on a disguise and i think it was so I wouldn’t recognize him and just leave him alone. so i walked over to him took off his wig said “you’re a weirdo” plopped his wig back on and left the pool. I was pretty upset about the situation but i forgot about it pretty quickly as my dream continued and I don’t think he was in the rest of my dream though i don’t remember much after that.

Significant Life Events: I’ve just recently realized i was the toxic one in our relationship that ended about 10 months ago and we’ve talked on and off since but right now we’re not talking i’ve been thinking about apologizing because I think I hurt him really bad with my selfish actions but i’m not sure if I should because he might be starting another relationship or he might not even want anything to do with me so i’m just conflicted

Background: 18, female , white, unemployed , full time college student

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes and yes

Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania Usa

Feelings About People: I really do miss my ex and the relationship we had I know I can’t get back together with him now though because I still have a lot of issues I need to work on with myself. I think my biggest fear is that he’s not the same person I fell in love with and even if we did get to try again it would never be as good as it was the first time when i ruined everything. We’re not talking right now but we didn’t end on bad terms per say his replies were just really dry so i left him on read for a few days then texted him about a sports game and he replied and then left me on read for what’s going on about 2 weeks now. Which is what makes me think it’s very possible he’s talking to someone else

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: Last night & no though my ex does appear in my dreams at least 2 or 3 times a week
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