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Something bout leaving

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Something bout leaving

Postby dreamer58199 on September 3rd, 2021, 3:49 am

Dream: Part I
I vividly recall wandering around what looked like the entrance of an airport I know all too well then waiting in a car for a long amount of time until the driver enters I assume the taxi driver. We drive out until I notice I'm naked. I quickly try to grab something I can wear to cover my privates which I never saw in the dream as if it was blurred. I'm not sure what happens but the driver turns into the entrance of the airport again and I jump off going inside the building. I go inside and see a rugby game being played inside in the small lobby of the airport. The ruby field was in the middle with the edges used for spectators. I sat down near the entrance between two girls and did some sort of action where they started to infatuated by my grabbing as such feeling uncomfortable and not liking this attention I move to another seat in between two girls mind you the previous girls were of asian descent. The new girls I sit between one of them notices a cute action I do again and starts to talk to me. Saying that was so cute and started to proceed to grab me by the arm as such I stand I ask her if she is from the Fillipino and she becomes agitated and starts getting frustrated.

Part II
I don't know if this is the same dream but it's in the same place and happens in the same I dream of stopping team mates fightin just to have them grab me by the shirt and push out. They are both younger and look almost identical to each other and they are Polynesian based off their build in skin tone. I think too myself how sorry it is that I'm losing to two younger kids than me in bout of strength. Later the game starts I'm sent on to the field which is still in the lobby and I don't know what positon I am suppposed to be playing so I look at the forwards forming a line because the lobby is so small it only has enough space for a certain amount of people so I go to the back.

Significant Life Events: I've been thinking a lot about what my plans for the future are. I've contemplated different scenarios and am trying to work to find a path that will be good for me.
I am very much afraid of telling my family about my predicament. I have spun a web of lies so much that I have forgotten what the lie is and am unsure of my currently reality in relation to those around me.

Background: I'm 21 years old , male. I'm from Vanuatu a small third world country in the Pacific. I am currently unemployed and at University but not enrolled.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Not that I know of.

Location: New Zealand, Waikato, Hamilton

Feelings About People: The girls in the dream that kept caling the stuff I did as cute and obsessing over I didn't find attracttive.

The two younger teammates I felt abit ashamed that they were stronger than me even tho I was their senior.

Relationship Status: I am single

When And How Often: This is the first I'm just curious about what it means.
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