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Postby dreamer57154 on November 18th, 2019, 12:09 pm

Dream: can't remember to much now..lol
here goes, I remember being at hotel with a lady, her mom, other family members. we had to leave cause of money issues, they didn't say anything to me as far as asking for money, but you could tell they were disappointed I didn't offer ...but I didn't have any...then we couldn't find a place to stay...maybe cause no money....not sure if it was there was no place, or there was no place, and no money.
then I remember running into my granddaughters best child hoods friend , she was in a parade of some sort..or organization. she said they said if I stand here in this color I would get a hamburger and a drink so I am, very excited ,she said to be eating. cause she wasn't starving but she had no money. sounds totally crazy...I know

Significant Life Events: maybe end times prophecy the most
fears of not being prepared if the dollar crashes etc.
I am a Christian so I shouldn't be afraid...
I don't like the relationship my granddaughter is in at all..

Background: 61 years old. female works and white

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have had depression when my husband died...yes, years ago.

Location: ms, usa

Feelings About People: I only know one, I love my granddaughters friend. The people with no names...One I have seen before, I think. not sure, in the dream she seemed familiar ...

Relationship Status: widowed

When And How Often: before I woke up this morning.
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