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dreambible.com • View topic - Strange unexplained baby dream

Strange unexplained baby dream

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Strange unexplained baby dream

Postby dreamer57136 on November 11th, 2019, 8:11 am

Dream: It began with a heartbeat in my stoumach like a babys heart, and it felt like it started kicking, i could lift my head and see the tiny baby bump and how.it moved, i tried to take video with my phone and then a red ladderlike tail started erupting from my navel, and grew out like a tentical, but haf holes like a ladder and redish colour with a lot of blood. The more o tried to push ot back into my navel, the more it grew out and then i woke up.

Significant Life Events: I had n megrane the night before, i had a fisght with my boyfriend about another guy whom is just a friend, i recently had a pregnancy test done that came out negative and i keep on thingking about it. My mood these days are happy normal day to day, nothing strange.

Background: Age 22

I get nightmares almost everyday of i dont consume my tablets (the name of the pills are serdep-50 and Tranqipam 2.5mg)

I have been having these strange demonic dreams where i am being chased, my subcontions visits hell a lot when i sleep although. I am a Christian and i do not worship Satan, i dont speak to the dead or visit graveyards, i will only talk to my recentlypassed mother but i will talk like i am writing a diary entry for the day...

Mental Illness Or Depression: My family suffers from depression

Location: Northern Cape South Africa

Feelings About People: No people were involved only myself and the red ladder like tentacle

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: Last night, 10 November 2019
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