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Postby dreamer57081 on October 17th, 2019, 2:13 am

Dream: Ive been fearing loosing my relationship the devil has veen trying to destroy it in everyway possible. This is not my first time dreaming about being shot its always in a dark place and different reasons why im being shot me being shot is never nothing i have done wrong in the dream to be shot its always goofy reasons like tonight i dreamed of being shot three times because i pull the number 3 the peron who shot me had me pull a number and three was it...the person whome i dont know the gender was wearing all black and was in a dark room and never said a word! This is scary and crazy and i need answers..

Significant Life Events: My family and us having a BETTER future has been on my mind almost evertday now.

Background: My name is esha im 29 years of age im a mom of two i currently work in the home health care field. Im a silly person i love to laugh and i love being around people im overall a people person! I love my kids and would do anything for them i have a fiancee and will soon be married.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No...well i do be depressed frim time to time i just like to get things down and out the way and when i cant i get very overwhelmed.

Location: Pennsylvania

Feelings About People: The dream only involved myself and others whom i dont know!

Relationship Status: Engaged

When And How Often: Tonight and the other night more like 3 to 4 times a month for the past year!
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Re: Shot

Postby ElizVanZee on November 10th, 2019, 7:54 pm

Being shot is often an indication of self criticism. Not knowing the gender of the person shooting you implies that you are not aware of the self criticism as coming from logical thinking (a male) or simply emotional thinking (a female). Here it is most likely emotional thinking. As the person is dressed all in black it indicates that the aspect of your own mind that is engaged in self criticism is functioning very negatively and is using unenlightened/unintelligent thinking. The dark place where this shooting occurs also confirms that lack of intelligence being used when you criticize yourself. [One thing this dream may be referring to is your comment about being a silly person - because you like to laugh. This is certainly nothing to critize yourself for. Scripture does say to "be of good cheer".]

The reason for the self criticism is "goofy" or silly. You have done nothing wrong. Pulling the number 3 suggests drawing upon God and what He has said and His nature. By being shot 3 times it implies you are using God's thinking to criticize yourself - yet a person dressed in black does not represent God.

{What makes this dream very important is the fact that when you start to criticize yourself - even for silly reasons - this self criticism is psychologically picked up by others who will physically begin to critize you. It is through this act of self criticism that you provide the opening for "the devil" to destroy a relationship because a mate will pick up on any self criticism. Try to think well of your good nature. }
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