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dreambible.com • View topic - Help.... I need to sleep but...

Help.... I need to sleep but...

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Help.... I need to sleep but...

Postby Mattaku on February 28th, 2017, 9:26 am

It's currently 10AM in my place and I am still concerned very much about a dream I had about 2 hours ago.
I live in Asia and is almost 14 but I sometimes still sleep with my mother (just thought I should clear this up).
I went to bed just fine last night, my school's going on a trip but I prefered to stay at home so I got a morning that I can sleep in.
One of the worst decisions I have ever made.
The night was fine, I can not remember whether I actually dreamt at all last night or not. But I woke up at around 7AM since I usually have school (before I had to wake up several times to turn off the alarm clock at arounf 6:20AM). Then my mom said I should get up and I told her I don't have school today and she agreed and we both go back to sleep.
This is where the shits happens.
It started with my new puppy I got a month ago-Lucky.
I can not remember any more than bits of memories of most parts of my dreams, only the most terrifying and/or close ones.
I remember a family, my family, but not exactly. I was a girl (still) but knew a bit about fighting (it was so weird because it was me but at the same time it was not). The family was mine, well, the girl's, but still mine... I, I think you get it? Either way, it was freaking weird.
Anyway, Lucky was kinda weird or something, I can not really remember, but I heard about him through my family members and finally saw him and catch him by the neck. He was thinner than he (actually) was and he kept barking at me(?) and I don't really remember but my family members came and all and Lucky's eyes changed to white, it was like, there was a white fog clogging his eyes and I can faintly see his left pupil covered in white, almost invisible. And so we took him to the vet or something? (though I am sure it is most definitely not a vet).
Members starts disappearing.
Through many occasions and all.
And lace through them are sights of me running down the stairs as if my life depends on it, which it actually does, seeing as a huge female lady with black hair, wearing black(?) and is scary af kept chasing me with inhuman speed. I literally jumped through 6 staircases at once. Once I reach the front door, the gate, I either is safe, or is trapped, though I don't think she appeared?
Did I mention that we still live in the exact same house as mine? I think I did? Or maybe I did not. Ehem, it kinda boosts my doubts for my current sanity, as in the dream, I somehow kinda realised I am dreaming when the remainings of my family members were with me and the lady, now wearing white(?) slowly approached us and they encouraged me to wake up, TRY and wake up, and I did my best and felt my consiciousness kept slipping into reality, and finally I succeeded ( a close one though) and everyone sighed happily as the lady was nowhere to be seen. And I too, thought I had woken up from my nightmare. Yes, you must have seen the faults in it. As when they start to go away to do whatever it is, I saw through them a big figure of someone wearing blue at the bathroom door around 3-4 metres from me and felt...fear. I fear it was "her". And it was.
It felt like Inception, as our chasing starts once again. It was abolutly frightening to do it again and again.
Even when I am writing this, I had to keep watching something fun to distract myself and then continue to write due to my fear, paranoia?
A different scene when my whole family is squished in the bed mom and I are currently sleeping on, and I go to open the window but ended up curling up under the window, behind a huge desk, hoping to hide myself. The lady came in. I just know so. She can speak and I am most definitely sure she is very intelligent, more reasons for me to believe she is not jut any normal spirits, perhaps not even a spirit. Despite my closed eyes, I curled up even more, hoping she would not recognise me, I can feel her silently walking up to next to the balcony which is right next to the window I'm curling under. I kept my eyes close and when i feel her eyes on me, I tried to fake deep breathes, but she saw through me and said I should do better to fake sleeping. I can not remember the following events.
Another scene of a gir, probably around her thirties, works for us(in the dream) and I was sitting on the bed mom and I were sleeping on, and I heard rustlings and then saw the girl walk out holding a bunch of clothes. I just kinda knew she was stealing them and I pulled her downstairs yelling at her ( honestly dreaming-me could even see that I was so mean there, but still I acted completely OOC, probably because that wasn't really me). My grandfather walked byand saw that but said nothing (he's not really my grandfather, my grandfather do live with us though).
Lasty, the last scene of me standing in the garden with the girl. I don't remember much but I can remember that the lady appeared and I quickly hid behind her because somehow the lady will not touch me if I am with normal people (not ones she can manipulate already) and suddenly there's this box that appeared out of no where in the air, more like a the bar when you play a game and they ask you to put in your nickname? And yes, it is actually what the lady wants the girl to do. The girl knowing the lady cannot touch us so she smiled challengingly and shrugged, saying she'd try it. She entered a weird nickname that includes my name and a small(?) part of my country? I don't remember what happened next but there was only the girl and she looked at me, I knew that the lady got her. So I turned around and ran into the living room. I saw my grandfather lying on the couch and jumped at him, pleading him to help me as I look back to the girl. I don't remember much but he gave me this dagger( about 13 inches?) that looks worn out yet still very good to use. It has this old white rope on the cover(I don't remember what it's called)and I tied it to somewhere on my left waist. Then I took out the dagger (surprisingly sharp and not rusty at all) and pointed at the girl challengingly, she was appproaching me, grinning but stopped abrutedly at the sight of the dagger or perhaps she felt something? I also begged the man to stay with me(us) when he said he has to go home for dinner and he said he will come back after the meal, so I said he can eat with us and plead him to stay, even if it's just for a few days. He smiled and agreed. (Honestly I really like him, he has white hair and white beard and this safe aura, seems like those wise badass old men).
I have dreamtt about the lady before, but she had the true appearance of a ghost and wears a big black dress. She was still very very very fast and chased me down the staircases, but she could not speak, manipulate or go to the sun yet and seems to only be able to chase me. Now she is so...human, she has become very intelligent and powerful. She can manipulate people, and I just kinda know that it's a DeadEnd for me if she or her puppets managed to touch me. I also remember that she has a sickening color form, a color much like puke and seems to be like a slime. I remember Lucky following that form and looked back at me sadly, eyes still weird.
I also had this dream of being in the toilet and saw through the mirror at behind the bathroom door a girl with black hair in a tattered white dress, smiling at me. I was so brave then lol since I turned around and held her arms (she was floating a few inches above the ground) and asked her various questions like "Who are you?","Why are you here?" and such. She only continued to smile and finally said something I now can not quite recall, I used to but forgot. Then she started to chase me and I ran out, closing the bathroom door behind me with the girl's body trapped between, I managed to shut her in and ran to the room with that same bed. I saw my mom lying on the bed, two people tied to two different chairs, one with a bag on their head. I just knew that that one was not human and the other one was. I don't remember much but I untied the human and saw my mom untying the inhuman one and stopped her, grabbed the bag(plastic) and wrap it around their head tightly, I put a lot of pressure in it and finally managed to finish it off. My mom laughed at me and said I had commited a crime and that she had called the police. The police barged in and surrounded me but I knew I did nothing wrong so I did not panic. And I woke up.
I have seen a black shadow before at the end of my bed when I was almost asleep. I have also seen a blindingly white light at the door at dawn on christmas day and the bells ringing and the light kept getting brighterand brighter until I heard coughs of my grandfather and the sound of his keys coming from the third floor( I am on the second). He was coming down and the lights and bells quickly disappeared. I sinked back into sleep.
I have also had a few other experiences with these stuff but I am not sure. My mom follows Budha and she said a lot of things. I really don't know whether I should believe her or not. She said she can see spirits and she has met many, and she was not just any normal human beings.
I feel so confused and think I should post this on the dream webs...
*Scared to sleep tonight...
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