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Sleepwalking During Nightmare

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Sleepwalking During Nightmare

Postby kitty41492 on March 18th, 2015, 11:17 am

My boyfriend recently moved in with me and he has a reoccurring nightmare (off and on for last 12 years) that is starting to include the floor plan of my house. He said it has him walking through a house or apartment and when he gets to certain part of the house, a door, the stairs, etc he feels like a hand is going to reach out and grab him. Last night, he warned me he had a bad feeling he was going to have the dream again, which he did shortly after falling asleep. He had kicked a little, then sat up in bed and walked to the door. It was closed and he ran into the wall, then opened it and walked down the hall. He crouched down and jumped over the area at the top of the stairs and ran into the living room to get his ring engraved with the Lord's Prayer. I was trying to wake him up the whole time and he was unresponsive until we were in the living room. Even at that point, he realized I was there but was not fully awake. I coaxed him back to bed and he woke up shortly after. He remembered the dream and that I was with him in the living room but thought that was part of the dream and had no idea how the ring ended up back on his finger. I am concerned about him, since he has never been caught or has any recollection of sleepwalking before. Does anyone happen to know what all of this could symbolize?
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