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dreambible.com • View topic - Girlfriend with someone else's baby

Girlfriend with someone else's baby

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Girlfriend with someone else's baby

Postby dreamer44332 on January 21st, 2016, 2:31 am

I took my girlfriend for a dinner date and we had a great evening. We had an honest and intimate discussion about our lives and our plans. When we went to sleep that very night, I dreamt the following dream and I am trying to make a sense out of it.

In my dream I hear a knock on our door (in the dream my girlfriend and I are living together, but we believe separately in real life), though I expect my friend to be the one knocking, somehow we feel fearful so, I picked up a kitchen knife just in case, my girlfriend also picks up something to use for a defense. When I opened the door, I briefly see two young adult females, one of them being bald. My girlfriend who had a better view of them than I did, said, “they look terrorists!” in unpleasant tone. Turning around from the door, I see the house is full of women and children refugees who don’t seem to be speaking to us, despite my efforts trying to speak to them and find out what is happening and where they came from?

A professor comes out of the third floor bedroom and says, they are from Syria. At this point, I am also realizing, the house is a big house and literally there are children everywhere, there is a huge living room in the first floor full of children who are at peace and busy with each other. I feel my girlfriend and I were renters and we are not sure who owns the house. As the professor (whom I am not sure of his gender started as a male but seemed could be either gender towards the end) starts to explain things, my girlfriend interrupts and as she embraces one of the little girls, says something along the line of, “but could we just meet/be introduced to this adorable children first?” It is worth mentioning, in real life my girlfriend loves children so much and she can’t wait to be a mother more than anything else.

We were sitting somewhere between the second and third floor of the house and some of the children were getting too close to the balcony of the house below us. I seem to be the only one in distress about the possibility of the children falling from the unfinished balcony with no guardrails to the ground. I asked the professor to ask the children to not get close to the edge? The professor does as I requested. Yet, few seconds later, a little girl the youngest one that I have seen, maybe two years old, walks like a penguin up to the edge as I am helplessly watching in disbelief and just jumps/falls off the balcony. I started crying and screaming hysterically. I get up to run to her, but realizing its to late to save her and not wanting to see her dead on the concrete I stopped and continued to cry few steps away from my girlfriend and the other adults. I looked back at my girlfriend to double check this was not the same baby that she was holding. It appeared the little girl that my girlfriend was holding is still in her lap and that gave me some relieve that my girlfriend wasn’t going to be traumatized about it.

Right then, I woke up from my dream screaming still screaming. The screaming was not just in my dreams, because it woke up my girlfriend who started asking what was going on with me? I explained to her and we went back to sleep.

Your interpretation and feedback about this dream is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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