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dreambible.com • View topic - Dreamt an ex proposed to his current girlfriend

Dreamt an ex proposed to his current girlfriend

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

Dreamt an ex proposed to his current girlfriend

Postby dreamer5905 on December 29th, 2015, 9:08 am

I dreamt that I was skyping and talking to a former fling and he told me that he is moving to a different country. I asked if I could see him and he said yea and asked me to bring his luggage from my house to his. I don't know how his luggage got to my house. He said he was not sure what day he was leaving. I went to shower and my dad came in and I quickly covered myself but he played no mind and started brushing his teeth and also invited someone in. My sister had also been in the bathroom. I then dressed quickly and I arrived at his house then realised I was in my pajamas. I was uncomfortable and freaked out felt like i didnt look pretty. His mom said his gf may come over later. He and then went for a walk he was looking for a place for us to have sex and
We chose a storage unit with glass doors. His family almost caught us so we pretended to be asleep at first then woke up.They thought I was his gf. We did not have sex but kind of cuddled. In my mind eye I saw a message he typed up on whatsapp which is where I normally talk to him in real life. It was a long message where he said he proposed to tthe gf. I also saw him standing up with a ring on his hand. I think that was around the time we were looking for a place to have sex. After I found out about the proposal he told me he's moving away to study so would be gone some time. I was wondering why he did not tell me be fore. He said he thought I knew we wouldn't work out but somehow in the dream he's still holding me. Then in the following scene in my dream I'm with some friends singing etc and k don't know all the words of the song but I'm scribbling them onto a biook and I also see December 17 on the book. I'm writing in pencil. ( that's how the dream ended) It's also a friend's birthday and she gets a cake with the number 24 on it. I also dream that i take too much salt for something. There is more to the dream but I want to know if he proposal part will come true.
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