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dreambible.com • View topic - Ex girlfriend find me again and stays with me for a short T

Ex girlfriend find me again and stays with me for a short T

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

Ex girlfriend find me again and stays with me for a short T

Postby Nallatheryth on May 10th, 2015, 12:29 am

Hi all,

I am having these dreams lately which are really bothering and in a twisted way torturing me. I will do my best to be brief in the back story:

I met a girl a few years back that literally swept me off my feet. Amazing, sweet, intelligent, stunning, the most wonderful smile in the world.
All was going perfect and she confessed rather quickly she is falling in love with me. I was trembling each second of each minute of each day. We had a few intimate issues mainly coming from me, I am unsure why. At a point she withdrew and started behaving badly and as all such cases, we had a fallout and huge scandal where I personally behaved like a pig.
We broke up and tried to be civil but the fact remained was that we fell in love in hours and fell out in minutes within several weeks if not less.

Since then, I tried every now and then to get in contact, say Hi and nothing more. Regardless if I was in a good or bad place in my life. I have seen her with several others in the few months that followed before we lost touch completely. She never replied back and was as cold as ice. Even slightly mean at times.

Right now, I cannot be in a better place (Well I could but its minor stuff) and I am having this dream:

We are in an old house. Comfortable but just old, like your granny's house is.
We are 2 couples but initially only 1 couple and myself. She comes along somehow (I dont remember this detail) and we get to stay all together, newly tied together and everything. I literally cant believe she came back and am trying to be very careful as if she is made of glass not to break that seeming illusion. There are some strange details like for example, she says she was bitten by a thick and I need to examine her body for any more. The strange thing is, I remember each freckle, each scar, the texture of her skin, belly, breasts, feet, shoulders - everything in its most minor microscopic details as a run through her body trying to see if she had more thicks (I have a dog, I guess it comes from there, I dont know)

Then at some point I propose we had a night together, couple's night. We cook, we eat we watch a movie we laugh and things would pick up in the desired direction.
Later in that same evening, she is caught by police or someone, and there are my friends and relatives telling me she is not the girl I thought she is. That she is someone capable of looking like others using various techniquies of illusion and masking and make up. She learns about you and uses this to integrate herself. She sits in an empty room, cuffed with hand tied behind her back and I stare at her and listen to what the others have to say and my heart rumbles and crumbles as I am understanding it was all fake and a lie. This is the time I woke up and realized its a dream and yet I tried to reconstruct the moment before I was told about what is really happening and catch that dream again and again, of course to no success whatsoever so I finally get up and make coffee.

What is that?

Iam guessing - need of closure, yeah. The lie could be tied with the fact that at first she had this great feel about her as if she is unique, then I watched a few of her favorite movies and it turns out she copied the cool things from there, kinda dissapointing. The thick -> well I have a dog and always fear she might get one. The desire to be with her is I think always present unfortunately mixed with a lot of suppressed anger and hatred of the way she behaved and her reasoning.

I am at a loss ... so any input, even repeating my thinking of above, is much appreciated.

Thank You
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