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Marriage to a Friend

PostPosted: March 18th, 2015, 11:59 pm
by HaphazardMouth
Background: we're friends; he's in a relationship; I once had a mild crush, not anymore.

The dream:

I know we got married in a quiet ceremony, but both forgot about the wedding and we're still living separately with friends. A couple who are our mutual friends approached us about our failure to live together. I decide, with some resignation, "it's okay if we get a divorce, we haven't consummated the relationship." He then tells me he's into making the marriage work and shows me the apartment he's picked out. He's already moved my stuff over. He puts his arm around me and shows me where my books are. We're actually living in a giant apartment with the couple from earlier and their 1 year old (they have a separate living space though). Scene change to our bedroom. I'm lying on top of the covers wearing a tank top and underwear. He comes in naked and gets into bed. He begins feeling up my boobs through the shirt. I'm definitely turned on. He stops and tells me, "I need to brush my teeth." And goes to do that. I decide I need to as well and go to the bathroom with him. Scene change: I'm sitting in a sports bar with some of our friends and another guy friend asks me about my sex life as a married woman.

Then I wake up.