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dreambible.com • View topic - Sex with close guy friend (I have a boyfriend)

Sex with close guy friend (I have a boyfriend)

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

Sex with close guy friend (I have a boyfriend)

Postby Popeaflower236 on March 15th, 2015, 8:05 am

I've been having a sequel of dreams, they are all about the world ending because of a zombie apocalypse. All of the dreams lead up to each other and then carry on the story, this one seemed to be the last one.. I was in a cabin with one of my guy friends (we'll call him chuck.) Anyway, chuck and I were trying to barricade the doors with mattresses (btw this dream takes place in a summer camp that I used to attend.) Once we were finished with the doors we just sat and talked about the world and how it has been doomed to shit. Then, I noticed an eyeshadow box on the bed that I slept in. It made me curious because I had no make up. I walked over to the box, thinking it was a gift from someone. When I opened it, above all the colors were the names of them. Except the names of the eye shadow colors were very peculiar. They included "By Fire" "By cold" "By poison in the air" and the rest I did not read. I looked around the box to find the name of the eye shadow pallet because I was confused by the names of the eye shadow colors. Finally I closed the box and on the top of it was the name: "How should you end the world?" I realized that which ever color I pressed on would be how the world would end (as in, if I pressed "by fire" the world would burst into flames.) I knew that it would be a good thing if the world ended because the world at that moment was a living hell. Chuck walked over behind me and hugged me and said "what are you doing and why do you look so scared?" I set the eye shadow box down, a series of thoughts went through my head: -I shouldn't tell him, or anyone because it would scare them, or they would try to take the box. I t was put on my bed, so I was clearly meant to choose how the world should end. If the world is ending, then I want to do something worth my while- So then chuck said "you know.. You have the best ass in the world!" We both laughed because we both knew that our group of people that we were with were probably the last people on earth. I then realized that I wanted to have sex with him. I then began to grab all the matresses in the cabin, and throw them on the floor (because I decided we were gonna do it on the floor.) "What are you doing?" Cade asked kind of stand off ish as I was doing this. "You'll see, and you'll enjoy it," I replied. At this point, Chuck knew what we were going to do. "I have some weed brownies," he said as he handed me one. I quickly ate it, excited to be high AND have sex. Then I walked over to the eye shadow pallet, and ran the options through my head: -death by fire would hurt.. I hate the cold, so definitely not death by cold, poison in the air will be painless and gradual, it will give me plenty of time- Then the world started shifting and colors popped (I was high.) Chuck was sitting on the mattresses with his face toward the ceiling (he was high too.) With haste I pressed "By Poison in the air" and slowly walked toward Chuck, taking my clothes off on the way. Chuck sat up with excitement. I grabbed his dick and started giving him a hand job to get him hard, and then we started having sex, straight up traditional style. It was so amazing, I was enjoying every thrust. Then, I remembered.... I have a boyfriend, but I kept having sex with Chuck anyway, and I did not feel guilty about it.
Can someone tell me what this dream means? I love my boy friend, and I like Chuck strictly as a friend.. I am confused.
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