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Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.


Postby lostdreamer on January 4th, 2015, 12:42 am

Oh my lord, okay so I had this dream and its bugging me out. I just found out not to long ago that this boy has a crushsh' on me. I don't like him in anyway, and he has no frienfds because he is snooty and a major brat. So in the dream I am at school, but not my own school. It has I guest finish,ed a big play. We were leaving and for some reason I got into this kids car with his mum and dad. ( this is the kid I was talking about earlier ) I had on all black which is very normal for me, and this kid was touching my arm and then kissed my wrist and i let it hapen. Like I didn't even notice. We got out of the car i think and into his house or someone else's I don't know. I ran to the bathroom and I took out a razor blade and sliced my skin. ( in real life I have done this don't judge me ) I walk out of the bathroom to see a whole different building. I think I must haves walked around and I saw my crush. We made out and that was the end. Please help :shock:
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Postby Izzy_Laughter on January 6th, 2015, 1:09 pm

With all things first and foremost we bring them to God in prayer. He will reveal or in some way show you what this dream or dreams mean to you. Second I want to tell you that you are not judged and if you are it's ok. Because we all have a past. Some darker than others but the important thing is that we gave up our past to bring a hope of light in it. Ok......let's see if we can shed some light on this dream.

Black resembles negativity, fear, imbalance. Let's focus on things that are currently happening right now or within a month period. Think about things that are happening in school. Feelings you have towards whatever situations that have occured. Now feelings towards this person. The crush this boy has on you is not approved by you and there is these negative feelings you have towards him. Hopefully it's not just based by other peoples comments but whatever you have personally experienced. In the dream it seems like there is a moment of volnerability you experienced and so he was there. Numb of whatever you felt in the dream you didn't mind the attention from this boy. It seems like when you got out of the car you were discussed of what took place and inflicted these wounds on yourself. The change of the building is a different setting like your mood changed. Making out with the boy would probably mean you were drowning out this feeling with contact with what felt good. Temporary things always feels good but makes you feel bad in the end.

So in a nut shell be aware of your emotions, your surroundings, your dealings. Not sure your relationship with God but always seek him even when you have these crazy emotions going on (Lord knows I have them in moments like these). But keep cool and calm. If you feeling vulnerable talk to someone you can trust. Parents, family, teacher, pastor, etc...It helps to talk about things. If you go to the wrong people in times like this then you may be tempted by something that feels good and go down the wrong route. Again with your dream and what I have shared with you I would consider taking this to prayer and allow God to reveal what he is trying to tell you.

I hope this helps.
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