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dreambible.com • View topic - Boyfriend leaves = casual sex with work friend

Boyfriend leaves = casual sex with work friend

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

Boyfriend leaves = casual sex with work friend

Postby cupcakes on December 18th, 2014, 7:01 pm

I keep having a recurring dream that my current boyfriend either cheats on me or leaves me (out of the blue, just packs up his stuff and leaves. Unable to contact him and even his parents don't know where he is). Soon after this I go to work into which I start speaking with one of my friends and he offers me comforting, I say no and life carries on. Then he runs into me around town and I'm a mess so he takes me back to mine and looks after me, then the wild and amazing sex follows. However. It keeps happening. A relationship does not follow, just random and casual sex. At least every other day. Meanwhile the entire time this is going on, I am still trying to get in contact with my boyfriend and find him, I still have feelings for him in the dream but was still sleeping with this friend. However now I feel bad around my boyfriend, can't be with my boyfriend in an intimate way and can hardly speak with my friend, but whenever we do it turns into flirting and I get uncomfortable and walk away. Someone please tell me what is going on?! Was my relationship lacking in sex and is that why I started dreaming this or am I attracted to this friend? Help please?!
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Re: Boyfriend leaves = casual sex with work friend

Postby Izzy_Laughter on January 6th, 2015, 1:50 pm

The dream is definitely telling you somehting and are clear signs of caution up ahead. Don't take offense but I limit to what should be said. But there is a definite lack that is straining the relationship. The dream in it's self is putting an even greater strain in the relationship (when awake). Because of this strain the same thoughts you are having could be the same thoughts your boyfriend is currently having. In the dream because of this lack your boyfriend leaves. With this devastation you are vulnerable. In this vulnerability your friend (in my opinion friends don't to this so shouldn't even be called a friend) sees this window of opportunity and takes advantage of you. These sexual dreams you are having are fulfilling your temporary needs and lack that you are currently having. It's so vivid that in reality is bringing much discomfort in you that you are feeling ashamed. The dream means loss, ashamed, discomfort, being taken advantage of, chosing the wrong paths and guilt.

Being a man of faith all I can say this is a warning to you. I can't tell you about your current relationship but I can definitely tell you to be careful with this other guy because this can be an entrappment that can spiral you in an emotional rollercoaster. This can put you in an even deeper hole that you are in. This is tough but I can say that with all things take it up to God. Pray about your dream and what I have shared with you to allow him to give root to the cause and shed light to an answer. Sever anything that is holding you down or is a doorway to trouble. Remember always find a way out (exit) to avoid times of temptation.

Hope this helps.
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