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dreambible.com • View topic - Interpret this please. Little help :(

Interpret this please. Little help :(

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

Interpret this please. Little help :(

Postby dreamer6178 on November 10th, 2014, 3:52 am

I'm sorry but this is weird. I was at some floor in a building. I can't remember why I was there. In this dream, I was in a relationship with a girl who looks like Taylor Swift and at the same time, I was still with my current boyfriend of course. Taylor was so in love and we even ate chocolates. I walked her to the elevator and when I returned, someone or someones (I couldn't remember their faces but it felt like they were my friends) told me that I should break up with her as soon as possible. I said "Yes, after valentines' day coz I don't want to hurt her feelings." And it also felt like it wasn't right to break up before valentines' day. In that dream, Valentine's day seemed to occur the next day. And then, I suddenly remember "Oh, I also have a boyfriend!"

And then the location changes, back inside our old house. There was a small side table and in front of it, a cup of water spilled. Most of the water spread under the table while some of it made its way on the second level of the table (where you put the magazines). My boyfriend was there standing and we both felt like we wanted to clean it. I looked around then I saw a woman (I can't remember who), who was fixing something in a bag or something then she pulls out a white shoelace. She gave it to me. I turned back to my boyfriend, we sat on the floor in front of the side table, he was slightly behind me but more like beside me. He held the right end of the lace while I held the left end so that it's stretched. The second level had like a dvd player on it. We inserted the shoelace under the dvd player, not letting go of the ends. At first, my hand couldn't get through, his is already under, then the next second, I didn't see the dvd player anymore. We used the shoelace to scrape the water off the second level, it's still stretched so we can sweep off everything carefully. We also got dirt, dust, not just water. Then, my boyfriend spoke while we're still cleaning, he said "Hon, you rest, okay?" I asked "What was that?" He said "You rest first, let's rest first." The next moment, I saw him lifting a little girl, a kid. And I felt kind of connected to her, like some part of her is in me or like "Was that me?" My boyfriend was in his office attire. His buttoned shirt, long sleeves, is navy blue with some very thin stripes then he's wearing black pants. After that, there was a variety show, I was part of it. I was on stage. Then I saw my old ex boyfriend from the audience. That's it. I woke up. Please help. Thank you!

FYI. When I was with Taylor Swift, it felt like it was really happening and that like it was just natural thing. No biggie. I wasn't confused or shocked.

When my boyfriend was helping me clean, I felt united to him. It felt peaceful but when he said "Let's rest first" I felt kind of confused. Not shocked. No negative feelings. Just confused like why?

When he lifted that little girl, I felt connected to her like she's me but not me either and then, in a quick second, it also felt like it was me he's carrying.

Little background: I feel like my boyfriend has changed a lot. Not when he started working, but when we had 2 succeeding fights, a week and a few days apart. Then during those days, I knew he was busy and that the expectations from him at work and for the company sportsfest (he plays basketball, he's 6'3') were really high. But after the first of those 2 fights, when we made up, he was really sweet and couldn't let go of me, while saying he was really busy and tired. After the second fight, he surprised me with chocolates and brought me to the movies. But still, I feel like he's distant and recently I found out he has hidden his facebook friends' list. It makes me doubtful like maybe something is up.

Help please. Thank you so much! T T i'm kind of nervous now. I dont know if m just paranoid or what.
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