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dreambible.com • View topic - [Need Interpretation] Dream about a friend...

[Need Interpretation] Dream about a friend...

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

[Need Interpretation] Dream about a friend...

Postby DvayJonesRules on November 8th, 2014, 10:24 pm

So I have this friend. We did a musical over the summer together. We've hung out maybe 3 tines after that. Last night, I had this dream. Throughout the entirety of the dream, we were dating. We'd hold hands, hug, she'd cuddle up to me, normal dating stuff (no kissing or affairs or anything). Towards the end of the dream, I went to hug her and my friends gave me a kind of disapproving death glare. Feeling embarrassed, I backed off from the hug. Then it went to her cuddling up to me on the couch while watching a movie. That's it. I've never had feelings for this girl and I'm confused why, of all people, she'd be the one in a dating dream. Does this mean anything or is it just a strange dream?
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