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dreambible.com • View topic - Not sure if this classifies as a relationship dream (long)

Not sure if this classifies as a relationship dream (long)

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

Not sure if this classifies as a relationship dream (long)

Postby MoogleSue on June 8th, 2014, 3:57 am

Over the last few months I've been having regular dreams in various shapes about my ex boyfriend.
(Having read a few other posts adding in extra information)
Significant life events: a bit lost in life, trying to find direction
Background:31 year old woman, working in a dead end job.
Mental health: have suffered on and off with depression, probably somewhat feeling it at the moment.
Location: Scotland
Relationship: no relationship, kind of conflicted, both content being single but would also like to find someone.
Dream regularity: increasing in frequency. Used to be an odd occurrence, now happening at least one every fortnight in different variations

Most of the dream interpretations that I've read for dreams of an ex don't cut it, probably because the relationship we had wasn't exactly normal. I suppose the easiest way I can describe it was like a working lovers relationship. I got involved with him then roped into helping with his business fairly early in our relationship. Our relationship broke down, but I was still very much in love with him (which I hate to admit now) and so persevered with helping him with the business, until things completely broke down, and it ended very badly because he thought he could pull the wool over my eyes. This was all about 7-8 months ago that it broke down.

Now I absolutely know I have no feelings for him, no inclination towards missing him, wanting to be back with him etc.
I almost always end up angry either in my dreams, or waking up from them just because he's either there, or I know he's there lurking in the background. The only one that was any different was one where I saw him arrested and woke up laughing.

The dreams usually circle around doing some form of work which is attached to his business.
2 of the more recent dreams I've had also include his current gf (who I know he's treating the exact same way - uses and abuses for his business and has been cheating on, something I suspected him of while I was with him but didn't have it confirmed till a couple of months ago)

One of those dreams I saw them in what I knew in my head to be one of the cities near me, but looked nothing like it. I saw them both walking toward me and it heard him clearly say to me "oh **** off. Go ****ing die in a fire" (sometimes I have vivid dreams where I clearly hear people speak, or sometimes music). My response was "why don't you go ****ing die in a fire" before I walked off.
The other dream involving the pair, was I attended one of the events that I used to be involved with that was run by my ex, and it was horrific, the building was run down, rotten, rusted, dangerous looking. The event was a shambles. I saw the pair of them walk up behind me, and say they needed to speak to me, I think they were trying to express that they were not happy with me being there, and I said, something along the lines of well I don't actually have anything to say to you, again before walking off.

Most of the dreams I have circle round the work I used to do for him. My own interpretation is something along the lines of missing the world I left behind (had to, or I would have gone insane still being around him) and the people I worked with.
My life has generally really slowed down since walking away. I guess I associate with his current gf, as I could kind of see she was falling in to replace me and I warned her away from him and made her promise not to get involved with him because he'd do the same thing he did to me and his previous gfs. But she ignored my warning and got with him anyway. I have had a couple of recent encounters with her in the real world where I chose to pretty much ignore her. She contacted me after she had turned up uninvited, to which I told her I had nothing to say to her and not to contact me again.

There's two reasons for this, my ex is so manipulative (or he's made me so paranoid that he is) that every word I would have said to her, would have been immediately passed back to him. He manipulated me into doing it in the past, so I'm pretty sure he's done the same thing with her. I guess to an extent I want to turn round and tell her she's an idiot for getting with him, and she's losing friends because of her choice to get with him. But at the same time, while she's completely controlled by him, I know there is no point.

(Warning following might sound a bit out there and odd, but just roll with it)
There is another side to all of this as well. I had a spiritual/energetic connection (which may have been... Manufactured I think is a good word) with my ex. I suppose to an extent he helped further open my own spirituality, encouraged and honed my tarot ability, and we spoke of and discussed spiritual connections. Introduced me to a friend of his who had some very wild ideas. Some I found interesting, some a bit too far out there for my liking. One of the things he referred to was a spiritual attack. Where someone on either a conscious or sub conscious level was concentrating an attack toward myself or him that was wearing us down. I remember one specific night where I felt like I had a heavy cold/flu coming on. He was absolutely convinced that one of the many people who disliked my involvement with the business was attacking me. I rolled with what he was telling me, fought back against it and felt better about 5 mins later with no symptoms. Now whether this is something that was real, or just his complete control and manipulation over me at the time, I'm not sure. But I know I did feel very unwell, and then 5 mins later I felt fine.
After I went my separate way, I felt that there was times he was attacking me, and created my own mental defence against him so he couldn't do me any more harm. I don't know if it was actually happening or not, (not like anyway I can prove or disprove) but I think it became my coping mechanism when leaving it all behind.

Sorry to have rambled on way longer than I intended. I think maybe to an extent I've answered my own question, maybe getting it off my chest and writing it down has helped. Some of you may read this and think I'm mad, some may understand. I don't know. I don't really like talking about my spiritual side, because I know how that can be perceived. Hell I am skeptical of psychics to an extent probably due to the bad press. But I know what's in me, and it works for me. Feel free to comment if you feel you have any input to my ramblings.

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Re: Not sure if this classifies as a relationship dream (lon

Postby mouthsword on July 14th, 2014, 10:50 pm

please get out of that phychic stuff your dabling with pure evil.your only setting yourself up for eternal torment.give god a chance to prove himself.the devils plan is trick you from serving the holyspirit.
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