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dreambible.com • View topic - My boyfriend's dad is visiting my dreams?

My boyfriend's dad is visiting my dreams?

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My boyfriend's dad is visiting my dreams?

Postby LinzyDeer on January 22nd, 2014, 10:36 pm

My boyfriend's father died when my boyfriend was 8 years old, about 9 years before I even met him. I've only seen about 2 pictures of his father, but I don't really remember them. Lately, I've been having dreams of talking to his dad or his grave or sometimes watching him play with a younger version of my boyfriend.

They were both pretty close, but my boyfriend never got to say goodbye because he died of a massive heart attack. He also claims he hardly remembers his dad at all- he can't remember his voice, what he wore, or the things they used to do together. Some of my dreams involve either myself talking to his father about my boyfriend or watching my boyfriend as a kid play with his dad. I feel like I'm experiencing past events between the two of them that my boyfriend can't remember.

Is there an answer to why I'm having these dreams? I guess it's nice that I can see him in my dreams since I can never meet him in real life. My boyfriend did say we would've most likely gotten along well.
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