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dreambible.com • View topic - waking crying from dreams of...

waking crying from dreams of...

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

waking crying from dreams of...

Postby layne4830 on January 21st, 2014, 3:20 am

I dreamed of my first long term ex and that we were @ a party of some sort. It seems there were several houses as one and a ton of people there. It was dark and I couldn't see many faces. At one point he left me standing there with other people I didn't know and who seemed to have no interest in knowing me. At some point I was standing next to his father, who I could only identify by the sound of his voice, and he said " we all still love you" but that was all. The party was broken up and everyone started leaving in different vehicles and he said we would ride with his friends. We had very little contact during the party but to go to leave I looked up and it was an impossibly long, steep, muddy, conical shaped hill and I couldn't get up and he never came back to help me. Eventually we were in the parking lot and everyone was planning on where to go next and another party was decided on. I remember not wanting to go to the house because it was a friend of my current bf's. We ended up there somehow and I was with a different guy, this one a friend of my current bf who had just visited us that day. Again everyone was sitting in the grass but to get there you had to walk the border of a slippery conical shaped surface. Someone recognized me and splashed me with water because again the surface was wet. The guy asked me what happened cause it upset me and when I told him he only laughed with the others. Then my dream changed again and I was in my moms house and all of the pictures on the walls were of my mom and my two oldest children (I have three). Then my son, my oldest child, came from a room but was in his pre-teen years again and wearing football attire. My mom came to me Anne said she had told him of my (deceased) father's # when he played sports and my son ALWAYS wanted that as his number for every sport he played (he played several). Then we were all outside, it was all my family but still large, blown up photos were everywhere. Some with deceased family members with my children, others just odd pictures of people I didn't know. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves except me because I was confused. In my dream I was already confused by the events happening. Again it was wet and a party atmosphere. Never once did my current bf appear although I did look for him regularly and wondered and worried what he would think If he saw me with these other men. Once I literally felt something hit my head and rolled over thinking it was my bf because I was half awake. He had his back turned to me and never woke up. I fully awoke a few minutes later, crying and wondering what this meant about our current relationship. We live together, have been together for several years, have one child. He recently recently bought me a large, expensive ring although we both agreed it was not meant as an engagement ring although our relationship is seen as marriage by most who know us simply because we've been together a long period of time. I don't know if my feelings for him have or are changing or if his feelings aren't the same or if even hes being unfaithful. This is the third sleepless or disturbing sleep in a row for me and I wonder why. The father of my first two children passed away years ago and the first night I had restless sleep I dreamed of him and wished him to have never left me and awoke crying yet it didn't wake my bf. I dont know WHY I'm having such confusing dreams concerning people who are no longer in my life (the ex bf), people who have no relevance (the mutual friend), my family (who rarely acknowledged me in the dream), and the lack of presence of my current bf, as well as such vivid dreams of my deceased ex. I know this is long and somewhat boring but is disturbing my sleep on a recurring basis now and makes me very emotional wondering about the state of my current relationship. Any ideas....just anything would be greatly appreciated.
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