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dreambible.com • View topic - just dont understand the meaning of this...

just dont understand the meaning of this...

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

just dont understand the meaning of this...

Postby dreamer4695 on January 12th, 2014, 6:00 am

started having dreams around 10 years ago to be exact and and have kept hVing them on and off for 10 years, they were about myself but looking slightly diffrent standing on a bridge clutching a gothic style red ruby cross, its dark and always moonlight shining over me. suddenly a car approaches the car is a silver peugeot and it careers straight off the edge into the massive river, i scream and scream and drop the cross into the river then suddenly 'he' will rise up from the water and i will wake up. around 10 yeasr ago i used to wake up screming as it felt as if there was immense pressure on my chest as i woke as if something had been tightening at my lungs. i had this recurring dream almost nightly for months on end. now, around the time i first starting getting the dreams i met someone (going to name him as boy!) i met him at a local club and we clicked immeadiately i felt as if i knew him from someplace else it was just an amazing feeling. at the time i was already seeing someone else so i didnt want to persue a relationship with him so i said goodbye that night. it was the folowing night my bridge dreams began, as time went on i would continue to go out and everyone i met had a link to this boy, either friend or relative, i found out as well that this noy was actually a gypsy which intrigued me. time went on and i couldnt shake him out of my head i realised that this boy attended my school years back and we were friends and he liked me and i liked him as well. i did a few times meet with him and see him and we slept together (without going into too much detail) but i noticed a nasty side oif his personality that just played with my head. i would start doing tarot readings online telling me that i was meant to be with this boy our initials kept appearing everywhere, his name along with mins, songs that reminded me of him so i plucked up the courage to tell him i think in a f..ked up way fate is telling us we should be together and he kinda thought i was joking, i didnt wanna see him again so i got into a relationship with my then husband (his cousin funny enough) and he was everywhere! i mean everywhere! always clouding my mind, my dreams i thought i was going mad at one point feeling he was behind me. he wanted to tell me something important and i just didnt wanna find out he wanted me when i was with my ex husband but it was too little too late. the whole 5 years i was married i secretly wanted him not my husband but i didnt persue it or him, stopped going out in case i fell for him again and just left it at that. anyway, last year i had a dream that i was going to meet 'boy' in a pub looking for him everywhere i couldnt find him then i woke up the following morning. and found out, he was killed in a CAR ACCIDENT. and the cross i kept dreaming of?? he actually had it tattooed on him!! since then ive had dream after dream that he is just standing there looking at me and i just wanna get to him and when i finally do, i apologise to him for what happened and that i denied being with him but he still stalks me??? things fall off in my house. i feel him standing behind me, in my dream his eyes are dark and we fit together perfectly like its meant to be. im just worried if fate is right and he is now dead, what if he is coming through to me?? i dont understand. im also psychic and my nans side is also psychic so ive already been through logical and mental symptoms that may cause this. i dont think of him ulnless i dream. i feel bad he is still in my heart and i dont know why.
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