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dreambible.com • View topic - Do I have feelings for this guy?

Do I have feelings for this guy?

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

Do I have feelings for this guy?

Postby bttshelby on November 1st, 2013, 9:08 pm

So I have lucid dreams...every night. Some background- There is this guy who I dated a few years ago. He is really nice and sweet and we talk everyday. I dont know if i still have feelings for him...this is new
My dream last night had like 3 different parts, that all connected...
First, I had found out I was pregnant (which is odd because i've never had sex, and am not going to until i am married). I was trying to keep that i was pregnant hidden from my parents and anyone else. I told only my best friend, and was really excited, even though it was an accident.
Then, i am at a place that was supposed to be my house in the dream. and i realize in the dream i'm married to the guy that i dated a few years ago. But were still really young, like to young to be married and pregnant. And i call him telling him that I'm pregnant and terrified to tell my parents because even though were married, we r really young. So I'm waiting in the front of my house with my family and the guy arrives with his family. I run to him and we hug. while were hugging we have a whispered conversation. I said, I'm so glad your here. he said, of course. and i told him how scared he was. and he told me that it was all going to be okay and that he loves me. i say, at least i know your going to be an amazing father. then i kiss his hand that has his wedding ring. he kisses me and asks if i want him to tell everyone. i nod. we go in front of everyone and together explain that im pregnant.
then, im with him again and were excited.

what does this mean? Could it mean i have feelings for this guy?
please help!!!!!!!
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