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strange love

Discuss your romantic dreaming encounters. Ex-Lovers, Crushes, or sex with celebrities.

strange love

Postby dreamer3888 on October 24th, 2013, 7:16 pm

I dream that a female friend picked me up while walking w my youngest son. She dropped me off at my apt which was small but quaint. Weird thing was the ceiling fans in this apt. The walls were all white but there were ceiling fans in unusual places, the wall (not ceiling) by the bed. The door to enter the apt had a ceiling fan coming out of it and of course there were ceiling fans in the ceiling. All of them turning and circulating air in this small apartment. I was knowing my oldest son's father wasn't going to come over to have sex like he promised and felt somewhat relieved. I went back outside and ran into female friend again. She started fondling my breasts. She wanted to have sex with me and I agreed. (I am not lesbian by no means). She let me borrow her car to pick my oldest son up from high school. I figured out he lied about staying after school because he was standing there and a unkept white man had marked a dotted line on his throat and had a knife up to his throat threatening to slit it if someone he had my son talking to didn't come to his rescue. Then he made my son start sucking on the handle like he was performing oral sex on it. I saw my son was angry and scared but did what he said. I felt he didn't want to get me involved so that's why he lied to me about where he was. I started walking up behind the guy who couldn't see me and grabbed the knife.

I woke up before I saw what I was about to do with this guy. When I awaken I was angry enough to kill that guy. And both of my sons are grown men 29 and 26. Like to hear what someone thinks of this dream. It really bothered me and I am open to some answers
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