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dreambible.com • View topic - first dream of ex-boyfriend since break up

first dream of ex-boyfriend since break up

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first dream of ex-boyfriend since break up

Postby msm2195 on October 7th, 2013, 1:22 pm

i keep having this dream that i am pregnant with my ex-boyfriends baby. I can't exactly remember if we are in a relationship in the dream. I just remember being pregnant with his kid and being told that i was full term but actually never gave birth to the child. It seems like every time im about to give birth i wake up. We also seem to get along well in the dream.

some background info-
my ex boyfriend and i have been broken up for almost a year and its been months since we've spoken! first time since we broke up that i dream about him.
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Re: first dream of ex-boyfriend since break up

Postby Roddy on January 24th, 2015, 12:45 am

I got a phone call saying he'd died, been hit by a car. I fell apart, I couldn't believe it. I was at home and I was crying in my mum's arms when I saw him through the kitchen window. He was just stood there smiling at me. I stared but I started smiling back, calling out to him but when my mum turned to the window he faded away. I realised it was only his ghost. He came back to the window whenever I started to feel faint and I was desperately trying to talk to him but he kept fading. Then I was suddenly at prom. We went to prom together and won King and Queen when we were at school but we ha argued at the end of the night so I don't know if maybe that was why it was in my dream. But anyway in the dream, he was there at my prom. As a ghost. Sat watching me. I was there with my new boyfriend (who I've been with for a year and who treats me like a princess and he makes me so happy which is why this dream is making me feel so guilty!) but I kept feeling this pull to go and be with my ex. Eventually I sent my boyfriend away an went to the ghost. I don't know why but I was able to touch him an I hugged him and started crying, sobbing about how sorry I am for the phone call, how much I miss him, then I kissed him an told him I still love him. I said if I couldn't be with him alive then I'd join him as a ghost an my friend arrange for me to die the next day so I could be with him. It started to get confusing here because then I changed my mind and I just wanted to be single for a while to get over my ex which meant breaking up with my current boyfriend which I didn't want to do. Then I woke up and my boyfriend is laid next to me and i just feel so guilty. My ex didnt treat me right at all, we were so toxic together. But my new boyfriend treats me so well that I just cant figure out why I'm dreaming about my ex as if e was perfect. I need help cause it's driving me crazy.
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