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A Well Known Man

PostPosted: June 9th, 2019, 6:52 pm
by dreamer54809
For the last 9 yrs or so I have dreamt of a well known man. In the beginning I saw this man in my dreams before I knew who he was (shrugging) ... I saw him in 2010 on talk show and didn't pay much attention until I heard a bunch of women screaming when he came out. I looked up to see what the fuss was all about...a tall man came out smiling and waving but my reaction was "he's too skinny". I continued to get ready for work...then he spoke and I gasped because I recognized the voice and my heart jumped and did cartwheels.
Heart recognizes heart theory???

Anyway, 1 dream was: I was asleep in bed and the moon was shining in the bedroom and "he" walked in from work and I said in a sleepy voice "your home" and of course I was half in the sheets and half out...naked; he dropped his bag and sat on the side of the bed I was on and bent down to kiss me. I then felt his beard on my chest area and then I felt myself being sucked back to the real world and I immediately reached for my chest and it still felt prickly. I wanted to go back, but couldn't.

I've had quiet a few dreams with "him" some intimate, some seeing things from his perspective (I have seen pictures later of the places he has been) and I'm always left longing for him. Any theories on this phenomenon?