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Falling in love with a killer

PostPosted: April 21st, 2019, 8:08 pm
by dreamer50943
I’m not sure how this dream started but cut to a shop of some kind (maybe a fast food place), I can’t recall exactly. All I remember was bodies all over the floor but I didn’t see anyone being killed. Suddenly I’m sat in front of the leader of the gang (killers) he crouches down and presents me with the option to be stabbed to death by him or kiss his mouth which which was splattered with blood. I kiss him. He also puts out his hand, beckoning me to suck his fingers. His hand is covered in blood and other small pieces of human remains. I start sucking, as I look up at him, he smiles. When I get halfway I make a joke about my gag-reflexes kicking, which he laughs along with. I feel slightly sick at the taste and thought of swallowing human remains but I continue anyway.

Next we go into this bathroom/lair of some sort. It is the room right next to where the murders have happened. It is decked out in animal decor. Patterned fabrics and animal skins/horns etc.

The leader of the killers is attractive. For some reason I tell him that I can drive but I don’t have a car and public transport won’t run this late. He tells me I can’t go home, I have to be with him. And I don’t object, partially out of the fear of him killing me but even more so out of the fact that he has an alluring nature. I am attracted to him.

Cut to next scene and we’re in a beautiful bedroom having sex. We have sex over and over again. On different days. Over the course of I don’t know how long. One day, I tell him to *uck me against a wall. As he is doing so I think about grabbing one of his guns on the dresser next to us and shooting him in the back of the head. But I don’t.

All I remember from there is that we’re lying in bed. He’s sleeping and my hand is on his chest. Instead of taking an opportunity to kill him, I pray for him. I pray that the corruption in his heart would be undone. It dawns on me that I care for this man... does that make me dark and twisted too? This thought runs through my mind. On another day we were staring into each other’s eyes, legs tangled together, fingers interlocked, when I made him a proposition. And I said this exactly, “Can I make you a proposition? Will you marry me?” I don’t recall a response. But it would seem as though we did, I saw a scene of white flash before me. And I wore a ring. But I don’t remember a wedding or even a ceremony.

But this is only one alternate ending... this is the other. Back to the African decor bathroom lair. In the scene following, I see my dad enter the room and start making negotiations (as if he were apart of the gang or knew the leader by affiliation). The leader of the gang sends me out of the room. I am now back in the shop/fast food restaurant were the ground is littered with bodies. My brother also goes in the room. A little while later we hear a loud bang. The FBI came out of no where and ran into the room. I started screaming and crying at the thought of my family being killed. But it wasn’t to be. They both exited the room and came over to where I was. My brother (who does martial arts in real life) told me the bang was the leader of the gang hitting the floor as he performed one of his moves on him. The FBI were now on top of him, handcuffing him. And that is the end of the alternate ending.

Re: Falling in love with a killer

PostPosted: May 5th, 2019, 4:10 pm
by ElizVanZee
The scene is focused upon the aspect of your mind (represented by the male leader) providing you with a way of thinking that you are to see as guidance and are expected to follow, but here this thinking has the ability to leave you emotionally devastated- very hurt- (male is a killer) and is self destructive. Note aspects of the self (the bodies on the floor) representing ideas you have, that you have the right to use, that are being eliminated. This is something you may have difficulty believing. (Didn't see anyone being killed) The fast food place suggests a situation in which you could buy or accept ideas for emotional gratification which are not well thought out.

The emotionally devastating way of thinking is being shown to apply to your thinking about relationships (you see the killer in terms of a male-female relationship) Using such thinking you threaten yourself with the possibility of being shot or criticized by a partner as an excuse to accept counting upon your own emotionally devastating thinking. Here this is seen as very disagreeable - it "sucks" - because of the emotional self destruction involved. (the human remains & blood) This is not a laughing matter to the True Self.

The bathroom refers to a mental attitude reflecting a need to acknowledge some sin and guilt which in this case seems associated with an animal-like nature. [This often relates to sex simply for sex but without love & marriage.]The impression of a lair - an animal's home - implies such a state of feeling guilty could become a permanent state of mind.

You tell yourself that you are able to use rational thinking (drive a car) but aren't using it here. (don't have a car) A personal attitude that seems good to you (a beautiful bedroom) appears to be one in which sex is plentiful and seemingly endless. With this attitude the True Self would think of using your own mind's ability to think critically (use killer's guns) and be very critical about your thinking regarding relationships (to shoot him in the head) but you do not do this.

The sex scenes indicate that you have a very long standing intimate relationship with a self destructive way of thinking, one in which you have come to actually love this way of thinking. You seem ready to form a permanent bond with this destructive way of thinking. (marry the killer) This is something the True Self chooses not to remember happening. Instead the True Self would see that a higher level of intelligence would be called for to help you stop the wrong thinking. (FBI appear)

As the dream is very long & complex I have abbreviated it somewhat. [An example of emotionally destructive thinking would be a person of normal or above intelligence who persists is thinking they are stupid. By not acknowledging the reality they hurt themself emotionally and can actually destroy those psychological aspects of themself that provide their sense of having intelligence.]