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Distracted, avoided, then shot at

PostPosted: September 18th, 2017, 3:49 am
by dreamer51971
Real situation- After giving it some thought, I decided to date Christian, my coworker. I'll be starting a new job soon, so I avoid the interoffice relationship drama. I have 3 children and he has 2 daughters. My children are young (8, 10, and 1), so it's hard to get a break from them. He understands that. His daughters are older (and moved out) so he's not worried about needing a sitter. His mother has been in town since July and has occupied his time. But then there's another issue. When we both have days off, I plan to go on a date with him. He's always turned me down, blaming his mother. A week ago, Erin, another co-worker, comes and brags about always spending time with him after I mentioned going out with him to a few places. Her attempt was to make my time with him seem less important because she doesn't know we're together. She says "Oh, I always go out with Christian. We've been out to eat, to the pool, and to the water park together". My coworkers who knew we were together went silent. Knowing that I was angry. All the times I've tried to be with him, he's turned me down and went out with her. She has a boyfriend, and she's 10+ years younger than I am. Christian is 10 years older than me. He's old enough to be her father. I've cut him off and stopped talking to him. I did see him today. He attempted to hug me, but I can't bring myself to return any affection. I'm completely turned off. He's dumped me in the past to date girls his daughter's age, but never cheated.

We finally talked tonight. He invited me over for dinner. I agreed to come spend time with him. For some reason, I rushed over there to work things out with him. I'm dressed nice in a pencil skirt and silky blouse. My oldest two children went out with their father for the weekend. My youngest (who's only a year old) went to be with his father. I have a car, but my grandmother drove with me to drop off my baby. She was driving the car. First we were lost. She was distracted by gospel music videos playing on my dash. I'm not a religious person, but she is. She opted to put it on. It didn't bother me. I sang along with her.
After the ride was over, I had control of my car. Music shuts off. I'm driving around a nice neighborhood. Big beautiful houses that wealthy people usually have. I'm due to be moving in one with a pool soon, in my dream (not in real life though I have been looking). I wanted to share the good news with him during our date, and invite him to move in. His lease is up soon. I pulled up in front of the house that I purchased. Not sure why. I park my car on the corner instead of in my driveway. Not sure why. I see his daughter, Jezebel (Jez). She greets me and we walk together. We hop in some beat up car she was driving. She's venting about her girlfriend. Conversation didn't matter because I don't remember what was said at this point.
I ask about her dad. Told her we're on for a date tonight. She says "oh yeah. I remember. He's out running errands. Lets head that way. He should be done soon." An hour goes by. I tell her that I'm going to be late. We need to head back to Christian's. She takes the long way home. We're in some slum. I walk by a pool, cutting through a yard. I'm frustrated with Jez now because she knew I had to be somewhere. But, I keep a cheerful, playful attitude with her. I'm confused, but trying to play it off. The pool keeps stretching, so I run to the end. Jez is somehow at the end of it. She's got a beer and she's smoking with some friends. I don't say anything and don't care. She's 21. She asks me to sit and talk to her. She seemed like she needed to get something off her chest. I sit and listen. I guess mommy instinct kicked in. I started to feel like I was being distracted after 15 minutes of her not saying anything to me, just socializing with her friends.
I cut through a backyard and end up at Christian's house. I'm no longer dressed as nice as I was before. I'm now in jeans with holes in the knee, a gray t-shirt, and dirty tennis shoes. My car is parked on the corner, but I'm not at my house. My house also isn't next door or anywhere nearby. I glance through the glass patio door and see him walking around. His mother is on the couch. I haven't had a chance to meet her. He's catering to her. Before I can ring the doorbell, Kristin, his 18 year old daughter, comes to the door. She tells me, "Wait out here. He's a bit busy. He'll be out in a sec." I started to ask why I can't come in. He's never made me wait outside ever. He's always had me come inside.
I watch him sit down on the couch. He looks at me. He's laughing. Kristin has left. He's sitting next to his mother, but they're talking to someone. A lady in a black, skin-tight halter dress and high heels is standing before them. She looks like she works at a strip club. He pats his lap. Before I see what happens next, I'm turning away angrily, and leaving. Jez and Kristin are now both standing on the porch. They're watching me head to my car. At some point, boxes are in my hands. My things are in it. But it's office supplies and picture frames.
I see a few white men walking down the street. Two on the side walk on the corner ahead of me. It's a T cross way/ three way stop. So they're at the top of the T I guess you can say. Another guy is walking across the street from me. I don't know any of them. They all seem to know each other. I start to offer them a ride, but they seem to have everything figured out. I thought they were in distress. Quickly, one from the corner across from me heads my way. I start to sense danger. So I'm fumbling to hurry and get my keys out. I'm trying hard to get to my key, but it won't get in my hand. When I finally grab it, I'm trying to unlock the door, but can't get the key in the hole. I can't get the door unlocked.
He pulls out a gun. He shoots at my car. First the headlights are shot out. Then the tires. His friend comes and smashes out the windshield with a bat. I snatch my keys away and run back to the house. Boxes in hand. For some reason, I'm running backwards to keep an eye on the men terrorizing me. Jez is yelling for me to run. Kristin tells Christian I'm in danger. He doesn't seem to care. The men shoot at me, this time. They shoot the boxes in my hand. He aims the gun at my head, but it hits the picture frame. Bullet doesn't hit me at all for some reason. I'm on the porch, on the ground with a gun to my head. Christian finally comes to the door, but not to help me. Just to see what's going on. I'm stuck worried about my children. Suddenly can't remember if my baby was in the car waiting on me, even though I dropped him off. The gun goes off, and then I jolt awake.

I personally don't trust Christian in order to be exclusive with him, though part of me wants to. I don't think I can continue a relationship with him, for some reason. I haven't been able to tell him how I feel. He's a nice guy, and very smart, and loving. But having a decent personality doesn't stop people from cheating.