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dreambible.com • View topic - Boyfriend, roommate, spiders

Boyfriend, roommate, spiders

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Boyfriend, roommate, spiders

Postby Triskit on May 13th, 2017, 10:30 am

Predream: my boyfriend and his best friend just moved into a beautiful new home. No furniture, new paint, nothing out of the ordinary.

Dream: I'm helping my boyfriend and his roommate clean their new home. During this cleaning, we slowly come across more and more black widow spiders. The house was infested. We sprayed the walls with a hose, but we kept finding more spiders on the walls, in corners, in the bathtubs, ect. As the dream went on, we started to ignore the spiders and worry about moving old furniture out.
I woke up from this dream, and immediately went back to sleep. I returned to the same dream, only now I was living with the two men.
I remember fighting with my cousin about a ring that my ex had given me, it meant a lot to me, and she was trying to take it and keep it. This ring doesn't exist in real life. Josh, my boyfriends friend, was also having an emotional episode. He in real life just had a break up after a 5 yr relationship. I was put in charge of comforting him by my boyfriend. Throughout the dream, I was constantly thinking about the black widow spiders. Both in concern and in curiosity.
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