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dreambible.com • View topic - Dream with my boyfriend and his friends

Dream with my boyfriend and his friends

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Dream with my boyfriend and his friends

Postby daph on March 25th, 2017, 12:01 pm

So me and my boyfriend both live in different states. He is from Arizona and I am from California. I met him while I was going to school in Arizona and he was on leave. I am still in Arizona about to move home and he is in another state where he is stationed. He had to go out to see for the week and he is pulling into the port in another state where he knows a girl there. He asked first if it was okay to hang out with her while he was there because she wanted to. All I told him was it's up to him because I'm not going to control who he hangs out with and that's that. We talked for an hour more then we both went to sleep. He called me at 3 am to say goodbye to me and that he will miss me. I didn't think of the girl in the other state at all and after we got off the phone I went back to sleep. The dream was, my boyfriend came to my house in California but it didn't look like any of the houses I have ever lived in. My best friend who is in the same career as my boyfriend was in the dream also. So my best guy friend and I go to some dance together and we just sit there not doing anything.I was suppose to go with my boyfriend to the dance the next day. My boyfriend was there but he wasn't dressed up for it at all. He was sitting with his friends and I waved goodbye to him and me and my friend left. So me, my guy friend and some other dude were sitting in a car doing an anatomy project. The next thing I know my boyfriend's friends come and start blasting music and being rude. Then I yelled at a girl in the front seat to turn it down because it was loud and she turned around and told me don't yell in my car with so much attitude. I pretty sure it wasn't her car either. After that I started getting my stuff together and all of his friends were waiting on me to see what was going to happen next. I started walking the opposite way from my house and my boyfriend followed me. I stopped and he kept pushing me so his friends wouldn't hear. I told my boyfriend that I don't like any of his friends especially Katie. (she's the only name I remembered and she's the one who gave me attitude) Then I told my boyfriend that he can help me with my stuff to the house and we can talk there or he can go with them. He helped with my stuff and when we got inside I told him that his friends aren't welcomed in or near my house and he just looked at me. He then walked outside to tell them something while I waited in the house. Then I woke up. I'm really confused on what this means because he's not from my state and all the people who were with him aren't any of the friends I've met or seen. :cry:
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