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Unsettling dream

PostPosted: October 3rd, 2016, 12:09 pm
by Gimmesquid
I had a strange dream that I awoke from at 3am. I am wandering through a backyard overgrown that had once been maintained well. Bermuda grass was growing through the gravel of a Sandy area that felt like an overgrown Japanese garden. Small trees had taken root and we're growing through chain link fences, Gates were ajar. I walked into the house into the basement where my wife was doing laundry. The plumbing was clogged with hair and not flowing well. I worked on it for a while to see a trickle flowing. There was a lot of distance between us. My daughter of 13 was naked in a bathroom and I notified my wife to check her out her gynecologically for some reason. I obviously did not feel like I should be involved. I then woke up due to the strangeness of the dream and to the sounds of our chickens being murdered in the backyard by raccoons. I managed to save them and thus recollected my dream I often do not recall dreams. My wife and I are not doing well together.