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"I didn't forgive him."

PostPosted: June 28th, 2016, 11:48 am
by xx_raindrop_xx
Hi everyone. I could really use some help. This dream isn't my own but my boyfriend's and it really shook him up. I would like to know what you all thought it might mean.

He said it started out in a blank room and I, his girlfriend, was there. Apparently this monster appeared and we were going to die. He had this feeling in his gut that it was his fault the monster was there and that he felt so sorry about it. He was pleading with dream me to forgive him. I shook my head and refused to forgive him for the spot of death he has put us in. He said he woke up with the image of my eyes void of love for him like the usually are.

I love my boyfriend and we never have any problems. This dream really seemed to bother him.

Could you help me out? Thank you!