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The worst nightmare I've had , probably the 1st!

PostPosted: October 3rd, 2015, 4:33 am
by dreamer42637
So from what I remember, I was at this shopping mall. A big one. Never seen it before. I was carrying a baby. And then I just went outside to the portico area in the car park to get some air while carrying the baby. I was towards the gate and turned and walked back towards the mall entrance again. I heard a huge noice, the racing car type noise. I turned. Saw a car coming straight towards me. I started running to the entrance and then the person driving overtook and blocked me, he asked if it was my baby, I said no(not sure if it was actually mine or what) and then he said something which I can't remember now. The a bike started coming. Same noise. High speed. I started running again. The bike person caught the collar of my top and he started dragging me. Eventually I ran inside the mall they stopped me at the entrance and I think they were going to use some chemical injections and do soemthing. Then I started crying and begging them and I was losing consciousness. I heard the main man say "I don't want to do this but I have no choice" and he was tearing and others were pacifying him. I regained consciousness and I saw my father(my real life father). I was feeling some pain, all sorts of wires were around me. I knew those chemical injections would kill me and ill die in pain. So I took a sleeping pill so I'd die in my sleep(I take that same sleeping pill in real life because I'm short tempered) I was trying hard to fall asleep. I was feeling the pain. I looked drained. All my weight gone, like almost a skeleton.
That's it. That's when I woke up-for real.
Does anyone know what this means?