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dreambible.com • View topic - Komodo Dragons skinning and eating Kittens

Komodo Dragons skinning and eating Kittens

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Komodo Dragons skinning and eating Kittens

Postby Shrekster81 on March 11th, 2015, 6:39 am

I went to sleep a couple of hours ago. After a few minutes I started to dream. I was dreaming of Kittens and then out of no where I seen a snake or so it was described as one in the dream. And as I was watching this all unfold (keep in mind that it was like I was watching all this unfold in first person, and was not actually apart of this nightmarish dream) a Komodo drago sauntered in front of me and then disappeared. Now this is where it gets creepy. I all the sudden ended up in the dream, I was on a bed sitting up and still feeling like I was watching all this unfold as if it were on T.V. yet it was happening all around me. A kitten then went after the "snake" which later turned into a multi-color baby Komodo dragon. (same colors as a venomous coral snake). all of the sudden this "snake" disappeared and I heard something under the bed. As I got off of the bed, A plastic clear drinking cup I often use in real life fell out of my hand and landed upright under the bed. When I looked under the bed to grab it I noticed 3 more kittens. They all ran out from under the bed. One remained and was attacking something that was in a gap in the floor. (I don't have any gaps in my floor) Whatever the kitten was attacking it was attacking back which made me think it was the snake, then out of no where both the kitten and what was revealed as a baby komodo dragon both biting each other came rolling out from under the bed. I then saw the other kittens come rush the the baby komodo while the bigger komodo I saw earlier in the dream came into the scene eating a full grown cat. The nightmarish dream came to the end with the baby komodo viciously ripping apart and skinned the original kitten and was eating it. I woke up saying why would that happen. I am still red eyed from being jolted awake and wondering if anyone can decipher what this nightmare means as it is the first time I have ever had one like this and would like to know the meaning behind it. Thank you[i][/i]
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Re: Komodo Dragons skinning and eating Kittens

Postby Cecilia 7979 on July 26th, 2017, 10:02 am

Rebellious youth confronts the current political and religious authority. The multicolored baby komodo dragon is a symbol of young diversity, itself is of the same generation as the kitten. The youth will be deceived by politics and religion. The youth will confront deception, questioning the banner of diversity, politics and religion. The baby komodo dragon receives authority from the snake/ dragons aka Nagas. The true rulers are the other Komodo dragons. Youth (kittens) rebell and fight though they are too weak to win. The rebellious youth are stripped away of freedom and life taken. Skin is covering and protection. If it is stripped you have no protection. The one kitten stripped of its protection and eaten is the end of youth rebellion and protest against religion and government.He or she (kitten) was a sacrifice symbolizing the end of rebellion and beginning of societal obedience to religion and government.

I think this is a prophetic dream about our youth.
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Re: Komodo Dragons skinning and eating Kittens

Postby ChristieBeckley on March 21st, 2018, 1:52 pm

Hello Shrekster, :)

Remember that there really is a dark side out there, and they will give you nightmares to try and scare you and put a lot a fear in you! They do this because they are evil and NOT nice and such! (and they are real! They are like demons!) (God is real, angels are real, satan is real, and so is Heaven. Don't listen to what anyone else says about it because it is all VERY real. Trust me!) Okay!

So just remember that, and God can help you okay! (Jesus can help when you have a scary dream like this, just call on his help to help you (and also get to know Him! Okay and read the Bible like in the New Testament to start off with) Okay! :)

Thanks and God bless! (I hope this helped some)


:) By the way, I have a facebook group that I teach in (and help people with their dreams), and it is kind of like this forum.
You may like it and want to check it out (it is up to you).

In the Facebook search box type in: "Unlock Your Dreams Workshop". (You should then see it, and then you can join it) Okay! Thanks!
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