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dreambible.com • View topic - Those eyes are what scared me the most.

Those eyes are what scared me the most.

Have a scary dream? Discuss your nightmares with others and find ways to overcome your fears.

Those eyes are what scared me the most.

Postby Brine on February 28th, 2015, 1:08 am

I was running in these huge green plains, lit only by the light of the full moon. There was a village out in the distance, which was presumably where I was going. But then I just froze in place. I tried to move but I couldn't. Then, while I was looking down at the grass below me, I saw a white light like the light of the moon growing brighter as if the source of the light was getting closer to me. I look up to see a person with two glowing white eyes. He's an exact copy of me except for those eyes. He grabs my shirt collar and he starts running towards the village with me in tow. But when we reach the village it wasn't the same peaceful place that i had seen from a distance. The village was set ablaze. People were running around screaming for help. My double only laughed at the burning village and its inhabitants. The next day I had a similar dream except it was in a suburban area and I was the glowing white eyed double. I was going around relentlessly murdering innocent people and burning houses. When I was done the streets were covered in blood. Everything was on fire. And through out the whole thing I was laughing like a freaking maniac.
What does all this mean? And yes I have very recently become aware of "Herobrine" but these dreams were happening before he even existed. These dreams along with many others, some old some recent, have plagued me.
When someone my friends and I don't like tries to join our group. I always say in a really deep and scary voice If this is what you want, then we'll make you just like us!! Then my friends start reaching out to try and grab them
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