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dreambible.com • View topic - Dream involving severe injuries to the eyes...

Dream involving severe injuries to the eyes...

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Dream involving severe injuries to the eyes...

Postby dreamer5948 on September 17th, 2014, 8:12 pm

I posted this in the regular dream one, but that was the default post when first joining and I thought it's more appropriate here. Please tell me what you think... I can't stop thinking about it, it's really creepy.

I was at a subway station with a large group of friends. One of my friends, named Maddy, decided to stay on one side of the platform while I went to the other to get a different train. I remember thinking that there had been some sort of recent issues with the subway. The train started to pull in on my friends side, and I noticed that the train tracks were at level with the platform. As it pulled in, it toppled to the side and fell on everyone there. Everyone stumbled backwards trying to get away from it, but everyone got hit (but not crushed, oddly enough).
I went over to the other side of the platform, and saw Maddy laying on the ground writhing in pain, clutching her face. When I got a glimpse of her face, her eyes had been sort of torn out, and there were huge black scrapes on her forehead right above where her eyes were. Almost as if there eyes had been there, and them and the eyelids had been pulled out. But her hands were covering were her eyes actually were, and instead I could just see the disgusting torn off skin on her lower forehead.
I tried to stand in an area of the platform where there weren't a lot of injured people, but they were essentially everywhere. I saw one man who was completely unscathed, except he was now blind.
Then, somehow, I had traveled somewhere else with friends. And we had to get home from the subway, but I was terrified after seeing Maddy injured and was too anxious to ride the subway. I was trying to make myself get on, despite my fear, when a train that was bumper-to-bumper with another one in front of it, started randomly starting and stopping very fast, jolting everyone inside it.
I decided not to take the subway, but instead started walking to wear I would've switched subway lines... Soon, I was calling my dad and apparently I was now walking all the way home instead of getting on the subway at all?
I remember constantly seeing the picture of my friend covering her eyes and missing skin on her forehead, essentially every time something happened with the subway. Or any time at all, really.
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Re: Dream involving severe injuries to the eyes...

Postby Aslan26 on February 7th, 2015, 5:17 pm

I dunno for sure but this is my theorem
I think something was after your friend maybe a bad entity because here is what i think:
because she sad something that could't normally be seen by humans witch lead to her punishement the eyes stollen from her and on the forehead a mark. The blind man Should be the first person whoms eyes are stollen
Don't know for sure i Will do a research because this is intresting but this was Just a first look theorem.
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