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dreambible.com • View topic - Calling the Name of Jesus in a dream

Calling the Name of Jesus in a dream

Have a scary dream? Discuss your nightmares with others and find ways to overcome your fears.

Calling the Name of Jesus in a dream

Postby vision on April 29th, 2014, 4:50 am

I dreamt getting into a very porsh car, but it had no starring wheel. I got into this place that looked like auditorium, took a lift and when i was in this lift I noticed that i am carring male private parts, these parts started leaking a fluid, I then panicked and dropped them. I got out of the lift and tried to get out, when i was by the door i saw a security and tried to explain my panic about the place but he ignored me saying that I am insane.

Next thing i found myself on my bed and there were dirty things coming out of my private parts like dust and brown cents, I woke up my husband to tell him of what is happening, i was so scared but when i looked at him he changed into something like a gratule, his eyes changed, facial expression and his teeth were very scary. I then prayed and shouted Jesus Jesus then I woke up.

I was still shaky and my husband wanted to know what was happening but I couldnt talk he then asked me if I have dreamt human private parts and if his face changes. My husband then shouted me telling me that I am insane, I must stop going to church if I have nightmares about Jesus. What does this mean? how on earth would he know what happened in my dream?

Please help.
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Re: Calling the Name of Jesus in a dream

Postby Julie87 on May 4th, 2014, 10:42 pm

My.advise is you need to.take a deeper look into you're marriage. You seeing unusual and.dirty fluids in your private part is a sign that you're engaging in unclean intamicy with some one orsomething. Have you or him.had an.affair? The fact that your husband knew what you dreamed about is very odd, is he into witch craft or anything satanic? That can be.very dangerous for you especially if you're Christian or.trying to build a relationship with Christ. I recommended that you find a decent church to go to for support. Pray.about it first obviously you our being attacked by the ennimie.
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Re: Calling the Name of Jesus in a dream

Postby dreamer5351 on May 5th, 2014, 3:04 am

Thank you for the response. i dont know if he is into satanic but I suspected when he started to be uneasy everytime I pray, our newborn would get a fright when he is around, if he touches her she would be very unhappy and cry constantly. Then the child stopped being scared of him, she started getting sick and the doctors did not know what was wrong with her, she was not growing as she was supposed to be growing, loosing weight, when I pray for the child he will get angry. I asked if he is into witchcraft he seriously denied his involvement into the darkness. i decided to take my child to my mother and the child has been well eversince she arrived there, she is now sitting on her own and crawling, she could not do all thosed things when she was with us because she was constantly sick.

I am not cheating and he is not a person who likes girls, he is into alcohol.

Lately I am very reluctant to be intimate with him or even touch him.

I also spoke to my pastor about the dream, he also told me to pray and not tell him again about my dreams because it could be very dangerous. He told me about the story of Joseph in the book of Genisis who told his brothers about his dreams and they ended up plotting to kill him.

My pastor and the church can't even go to the house because my husband threatens that he will get a restraining order against them if they come to pray in his house.

I still have strange dreams but I cant seem to remember them when I wake up. I am beginning to feel that I am exposing myself into danger, I am asking God to show me what to do about this situation.
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Re: Calling the Name of Jesus in a dream

Postby EboNCol on March 3rd, 2015, 2:53 pm

Has he shown you? I believe he has shown you but it takes a willing eye to see and understand. I hope things have changed by now for this isn't a good thing at all. The dreams you were having sound like a warning. Your husbands behavior is also odd. Is he not a Christian? does he believe in God? You don't have to Christian to believe in God. Listen to me, your child as a newborn wouldn't have anything to do with its own father. Children, can sense good and evil, just as animals. You also mentioned horrible dreams about body parts and fluids, I believe this is another sign that your husband is unclean spiritually, this could be why you lack intimacy with him. Satan doesn't like unity, nothing God brings together, he will try to destroy families. I say this because the fact that your husband wants nothing to do with God, prayer, church etc is a sign that he is being possessed. Pray, pray and pray! We as Christians have to learn that the enemy is just as powerful as God. Just as God blesses us, Satan and his army try to block our blessing but they can't stop anything God already has for you. Pray, out loud and internally, praise and worship both our loud and internal, cleanse your house with holy water/oil... walk around the house and in each room read a scripture of protection in Jesus name. You have the power, God has given it to us, use it!
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Re: Calling the Name of Jesus in a dream

Postby CECILY on August 23rd, 2016, 12:43 am

I have this dream.....my family went for a trip n stay in a house unknown. Times to go when i told my kids the transport was waiting. I went upstair living room to look for my husband n saw him kneeling down looking for keys in the waste paper bag. I asked him ehy he throw theckeys indide the waste paper bag. He replied me the deposit in the room is dirty n i noted thst time hus eyes look scary. But still i turned around to look into the room. It was dark n i can fell the chill. But i can fell my faith is strong in the dream so i I wanted to cast out the evil in Jesus name. I cannot call out the name Jesus initially . Then i can feel my throat start to clear n called Jesus name. The moment Jesus name was called, i felt a wind /force that dashed out from my mouth. My head shook n i woke up.
Pls help to reply. God bless
I Have a few nighmares before which involve saying the Lord player n calling of Jesus. N every time Lord Jesus nane was called, i woke up n the fear in tbe dream gone. Why
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