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dreambible.com • View topic - Strange symbolic dream involving the devil

Strange symbolic dream involving the devil

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Strange symbolic dream involving the devil

Postby mr619 on March 4th, 2014, 1:54 am

My dream starts off with me being the hero of some village located in some desert wasteland.
The skys are cloudy with a tint of red and the whole background is just a baron wasteland with nothing but this post-apoclyptic town
In the town everyone respects me and likes me as if i've done a great deed, in some way i feel as if i'm their protector or savior, weird i know

So in my dream i stumble across some type of shrine and this shrine has like 4-5 statues. These statues represent the worlds religions.
Whats weird about these statues is it was as if they were made out of some type of flesh because they were rotting and decaying.
This made me deeply sad, so for some reason or another, i decide that i need to go see the devil?

So i begin my quest to find the devil and i dont bring any help, weapons, protection,or anything. Just me by myself and the clothes on my back.
I dont even know / remember what i was trying to accomplish, but i finally came across where the devil was located
I found myself inside a car factory with a bunch of employees. One of the employees talked to me and told me that the boss was through this door.
The employee referred to the boss as a lady, or in this case the devil.

So there i am standing in front of this door and i can feel myself feeling nervous, not know what to really expect.
I open the door and all i see is pure darkness, no light whatsoever. I take a step inside the room and i feel a bunch of hands grab me and yank me further inside.
At this point i feel myself being shoved into a chair and the light turns on from a lamp making the room still dark and shadowy.

This female in business attire or "the devil" is holding a gun to my head and tells me a few words before shooting me in the head.
I wake up instantly after the gun is fired

It was a pretty intense dream with a lot of symbolism but i'm not sure what it all meant? Thoughts anyone?
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Re: Strange symbolic dream involving the devil

Postby Aslan26 on February 7th, 2015, 5:54 pm

i think that becuase you where the Hero in the wasteland (Hero of nothing)you went to see the devil because my thouts in the wasteland there was nothing more to defeat probabley the desert was the desert where lucifer tried to seduce Jesus but failed you'v heard About this demon. But lucifer had something stronger in the wasteland there is nothing so you are the Hero of nothing (nothing= 5 rotten religions) people who Don't believe believe in nothing -> the wasteland of the Devil his playground. But even the devil knew your sin! I think he wanted you for his plans. I dunno if you are religieus or not but remember there is only one Lord and savior Jesus
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Re: Strange symbolic dream involving the devil

Postby HoangNam on March 20th, 2017, 1:09 am

Christianity is the only true religion. Those statues of rotting meat were representing the devil's deceit to all mankind through his false religions and how they will bring about your spiritual destruction in hell. The decaying flesh of the statues reflects the fate of the souls who follow those false religions and that those religous figures themselves are nothing but decaying flesh.
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